Almost ambulatory

12 Oct

Oh, Eli is close! So close to walking. Although he’s been able to hold your hands and walk along for a few weeks now, it’s really only the last few days he’s started showing real interest in it. He’ll grab his walker and practice walking behind it and he wants to hold your fingers and practice walking, it’s big fun for him. It doesn’t seem to be affecting his sleep just yet as all the other milestones have but I suspect the day he finally nails walking he’ll stay up complaining half the night, walking back and forth across his crib.

Mike and I went and hiked Mt. Si last Saturday and then came back and watched the LSU game with Andy and Will. The hike was great and it was perfect weather for it, very cold and breezy. Since you basically walk uphill for Si, (3700 ft elevation gain in about 4 miles), it’s a bit of a workout. To have a nice cold breeze hitting you for most of it is pretty sweet. My running has been going well, my hip is doing better every time I run. I don’t know if I’ll be up to speed enough to run the whole 13 by the time the half comes around. I’m trying to take things really slowly with it since it still takes a while for the hip to loosen up when I run. I figure at this point I’ll be able to run at least 10 miles of it. Seeing as how in April of this year I ran NO miles, I’ve decided to be very proud of myself if I do at least 10.

Will’s grades aren’t as great as they were, I guess it’s hard to maintain for a long period of time. I hope he gets back on track. He and I have a little tradition of watching the Biggest Loser on Tuesdays and having him banned from television really interferes with that.

I’m pretty brain dead tonight, sorry everyone. I’ve put up a few new pictures and some videos. Pretty cute stuff, enjoy!


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