15 Oct

If determination has anything to do with it, I’ll have him walking in the next week. He is making more effort to balance himself and he really enjoys being walked around while holding someone’s finger or using his walker. He made the first little wee step to striking out on his own tonight. Will was in the recliner and Eli was standing next to it and I was sitting on the floor a few feet in front of Will. Eli let go of the recliner while standing and took one step to turn to me then looked like he was debating a full out walk but then crumpled and crawled the rest of the way. I am going to guess that everyone knows what I’m talking about when I say you could see he was thinking about trying to walk to me.

Along with the independence the challenges grow as well. When he was wee I could put him in his car seat on the floor in the bathroom while I showered (at the risk of hate, I never really understood why new moms say they can’t shower. Eli was always pretty chill sitting in his car seat but now I realize I have a mellow kid). When he was too big for the car seat, some toys on the floor in the bathroom worked fine to entertain him long enough for a shower. The last few weeks, he enjoys watching the shower run and will mostly just stand outside the tub and squeal while I shower and really the only thing I have to do is play peek-a-boo behind the shower curtain throughout my shower. Today, he took it to a new level. He’s gotten a new skill the last two weeks I like to refer to as Getting Into Things. A few days ago he broke a bottle of sea salts into the bathtub. Today while I was showering he managed to toddle around and throw (1) a hairbrush (2) a pen and (3) 2 towels into the tub while I was showering. He knows how to swat the toilet paper roll to make it unroll so I took that off. Then he figured out how to take the tube that holds the roll off and split it into its separate pieces so now it seems that there will be no TP on rolls for the foreseeable future.

He is downright indignant over not being allowed access to the fridge. Anytime he hears the fridge or the dishwasher open, he will crawl as fast as he can to them so that he can pull as many things out of them as humanly possible before he gets carted away or the baby gate goes up. I’ve taken to feeding him in his high chair in the kitchen when I need to straighten up because then (1) he’s restrained and (2) he doesn’t care about Getting Into Things because he’s eating. It works pretty well.

He’s down to two bottles a day, one when he wakes up and one before bedtime. Admittedly, the one when he wakes up is only on days he goes to Sharron’s because a bottle is a little quicker than an actual breakfast and that allows me a little more sleep and Sharron gives him breakfast when he gets over there. The one before bedtime really isn’t even that needed but I like it. It’s the one guaranteed time he’ll relax and (sort of) let me hug on him and I’m not in any rush to lose that. He sleeps on his own, he has no binky, I feel like I don’t need to be in any rush to break him of a bedtime bottle. The morning one can go but I’m keeping the bedtime bottle until he’s nine, at least!

Andy’s on the next two weekends so I’ve got a lot of things to do. We missed Gymboree last week because Auna (teacher) was sick so I’m looking forward to that tomorrow.


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