Lost and…still lost

24 Oct

It’s been an odd week. Wednesday I forgot my phone at the gym and someone stole it. I am virtually certain I left it sitting on the treadmill and it has never been turned in and it’s never turned up anywhere else. For an iPhone owner, this felt akin to losing a limb for the first day. So we went to the mall yesterday and got the new iPhone–the 3GS. It’s pretty nice although I wasn’t really all that happy over the necessity of a new phone. The big advantage is that it takes video and pretty nice video at that! I can post directly to YouTube which sort of makes the Flip camcorder useless. Now the Flip has so many steps compared to my iPhone(plug it into computer, download off flip, publish to web). I am amazed that something makes the Flip look like a lot of unnecessary work.

We went to the mall and I had to show my ID to have the phone set up. That’s the last I saw of my ID. I lost it. I have no idea where it is, we’ve talked to every store we went into, left our contact info with mall security–nada. The timing was terrible since last night June came to babysit for our night out and Andy was playing a show at a bar. I have never seen his band play and we haven’t had a night out in some time so we were looking forward to it. Needless to say, I stayed home and watched a horror movie with June since I couldn’t get in anywhere without ID.

Despite my determination, Eli isn’t walking yet. He can stand unsupported for quite a while and will take half steps from a stand before he goes to a crawl but that’s about it. He likes pushing his little truck around quite a lot now and he walks behind it. He’s all about holding fingers and walking around. It’s getting harder in situations where we can’t just put him down and let him tear about. We went to Will’s annual band competition in Everett today. Eli had to sit in his car seat the whole way there (about 30 mins) then had to be held because we were in bleachers. I did record and post Will’s band performance but you can hear Eli voicing his displeasure at being restrained. It’s worth mentioning that the video is from my iPhone. Pretty nice, huh?

I’m going to schedule Eli to get checked out by a dentist here soon. We’ve got a bit of a birthday party for him next Thursday, several friends from work are coming. It’s really only going to be an hour or two of after work drinks and snacks at June’s house (she has more room and kindly offered to have it there) and it’s really more of a celebration for ME! (I made it through a year!) since Eli will need to go to bed about 7:30. It’s a good opportunity for pictures and I’m going to need some support around my baby turning one. It’s just all gone so, so fast.

He’s cutting another molar and bottom incisor. For those keeping score, that’s four up top (all in the middle) and four on bottom in the middle (although really only the middle two are very obvious so far) and a bottom molar on either side. We’ve got him down to mostly only one bottle a day (bedtime bottle, see previous entry, he will be at least 9 before I give it up) and he’s thinning out some although he still has the delicious rubber band wrists. He has his 1 year checkup on Friday the 30th.

Will’s band placed 14/15 but Will warned me they wouldn’t do well as they are focusing on another competition in a month rather than this one. He’s also going to audition for Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps in November. It looks like an amazing experience if he gets in.

My running is going okay, finding time to run the longer runs with Andy’s work schedule is challenging. I have about a month before the race and I’m supposed to run 8 miles tomorrow. Hopefully I can sucker June into taking Eli for two hours so I can get it done. My hip has been mostly fine although when I run outside it takes a while to warm up now that it’s cooler again. I don’t know what it is, running just seems harder since I hurt my hip and it’s not really even that my hip hurts, it’s like 5 weeks off added to the paranoia of hurting myself again is mentally making it harder. One of those things I need to work through I guess.

I’m going to put up pictures and whatnot tomorrow. I’ll link to Will’s video.


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