1 year!

1 Nov

Well, we made it through a year! Eli had a lovely little party Thursday night and got lots of good books and presents. He also tore into a cupcake (video coming) and was a doll all night long. He handled a lot of new people really well and really only cried when we accidentally slid him into the oven door (NOT MY FAULT. I’m not naming names but it rhymes with candy) when we were changing him on the kitchen floor. In any case, he was more angry than hurt and cupcakes heal all wounds and insults. Will was also great during the whole party and I received several compliments on how great he was with Eli and how he was a real pleasure to have at the party. I realize I had nothing to do with the boy’s upbringing so y’all did a good job! We ended up having about 10 people which would have been too big for our apartment so June was nice enough to offer her condo for it.

Unfortunately, he also got his first real cold for his birthday. He started having a dry cough a few days ago but yesterday it developed into a pretty nasty one and today the head congestion started. We had a one year check up at the pediatrician anyway on Friday and his ears and chest looked good then. I’m crossing my fingers that this just passes without ear involvement. His mood has really been in the toilet the last few days and it’s obvious he feels terrible. The cough wakes him up quite a bit so he’s tired and also some of the coughs sound really painful which wake him up and scares him. I’ve let go of my no-going-in-at-night rule and I’ve gone in there a few times when his coughing has gotten bad to help him calm down. I feel terrible for him. Apparently Cough Medicine + Toddler = Instant Death because everything says I can’t give him any at all. So I’ve coated him in a thick layer of Baby Rub (I told him it was made of babies and he started crying if that gives you any indication of his non-joking mood) and we also got a eucalyptus-y liquid to put in his vaporizer in his room. The poor kid and his room smell like a menthol bomb went off. We left Sharron a message inquiring as to her comfort at sitting a sick kid tomorrow. None of us have had any cold symptoms at all so it seems to be restricted to just him. So I don’t know, I might end up with a few involuntary days off.

His check up went great. He was a flirt with the nurses as usual and quite the charmer with the doctor. He measured yet again at the 95% of everything. He was 32 inches long and 28 lb 10 oz. I can’t remember his head size but I do have the sheet in his baby book (well, it’s in the box with his baby book which is still wrapped in plastic. At least I have it all together). He got some more vaccinations but they said if he has any fever or anything from it that it shouldn’t happen for 7-10 days after. That’d probably be right around the time he’s getting rid of this cold. Awesome!

My running is going well. I did end up running 8 miles on the treadmill (bad weather, improper running clothing) but it was hard. It was hard and it hurt and hurt a lot afterward. After that I pretty much decided my entire running career will consist of maybe a half marathon once a year or so. I just physically don’t think a full would be a good idea for me. I ran 5 a few days later and did another 8 yesterday at Green Lake. It was a LOT LOT easier and the recovery has been tons better but I still just don’t think my body was made to take a full.

Everything else is going reasonably well. For reasons unknown to us, Will’s grades have taken a sort of gentle nosedive so I’m really hoping he can buckle down and pull it out. He doesn’t seem that worried about it which is a little concerning. He’s going to be auditioning for the Cascades in the next few weeks and if his grades aren’t headed up I don’t know if that will happen. I sure would hate it for him.

Eli is sort of walking. He can go 5-6 steps at a time before he sits down. He’s definitely better at standing and even ate a whole turkey dog while standing in the kitchen today. I think crawling is easier for him so it continues to be his preferred method of locomotion but walking is definitely exciting to him. He can walk throughout the apartment by just tapping the wall or furniture for balance with his hand. He’s pretty fast! His habit of Getting Into Things is reaching nightmare (for me) proportions. He’s a 32 inch tornado that wanders throughout the apartment, just pulling things out of their places only to fling them about and move on to the next thing to throw/dislodge/try to eat. Our living room is an unbelievable wreck after about 20 minutes of Eli after he wakes up. It’s pretty amazing.

Here’s the video of Eli and his birthday cupcake. Pretty cute stuff, even if I am really now uncomfortably aware of my goofy laugh now. I need to work on that.


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