Blink and you’ll miss it

12 Nov

I keep thinking I have just updated the blog and then I will check it and a week has passed. What is going on? The perception of the passage of time is really backwards, it should drag out the older you are and go quickly when you are a child, like when you broke for summer vacation and 3 months seemed SO SO SO LONG. I have haircuts every 8 weeks and it seems like I blink and they’re calling again to remind me of my appointment tomorrow.

Everything is going well, Eli seems to prefer walking over crawling now. Well, he at least seems to prefer starting walking over crawling. If he takes a few steps and falls then he’ll generally crawl to whatever he was trying to get to. Walking seems to be becoming the default so that’s a new development. He’s getting a lot better, too. He’s got teeth everywhere. A molar on either side on the bottom, one coming in on the top, four front up top, four front on bottom.

His eating habits seem to be falling a bit on the picky side but I think that is more a factor of being ONE and asserting his independence (You CAN’T MAKE me eat THIS) than actually not liking the food. Eggs were great a few weeks ago, now eggs are horrible. Toast is in. Waffles are always in. Veggie burgers are hit or miss whereas they were total joy a few weeks ago. He ate peas like it was going out of style on Tuesday then on Wednesday acted like he was being assaulted with them. We have to offer him food in a particular order since if he is offered vegetables first he will generally ignore and/or refuse anything else he is offered so we try to give him the protein first then the vegetables, then the starch. The only exception is turkey dogs. Kid goes NUTS over turkey dogs.

He seems to be practicing Crying For Effect the last few days and I can’t say as I’m a particular fan. We wondered at first if something was wrong but it really seems like he’s testing us to see what he can get us to do. The other day he seemed to be crying–SOBBING–because he was hungry but he wouldn’t touch anything we offered him. Eventually I shoved some sweet potato into his sobbing mouth and he finally tasted it and then inhaled the entire sweet potato. He cried and screamed at us some more because we weren’t feeding him fast enough and then when we ran out of sweet potato before I shoved a bean in his mouth then he ate a lot of beans. Once he had eaten a decent amount, he was completely fine. I have no idea what this is about. He started to do it again this morning but then mellowed out. He certainly doesn’t seem like anything is wrong otherwise–no fever, fine mood most of the time, good naps, good diapers, doesn’t seem to be teething–so I really just have decided to blame developmental stages at this point. I have no clue. We have pretty much been doing things as usual and trying not to react too much to it so as not to feed into it. I’m sure it’s a phase.

99% of the time, my boy continues to be a dream. He’s so much fun to spend the day with and everyone loves him. He’s giving out a few more kisses these days, even sometimes without being asked! That’s awesome. Every night when I put him to bed he will lean into me and give me a kiss, put his head on my shoulder (which I think to him is a hug) then he’ll dive for his crib. He still goes to bed easily and now that his cold is gone he’s back to sleeping like a ton of bricks. He takes two naps a day, usually anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours and sleeps about 10-12 hours a night.

I have my half-marathon in two weeks and I’m looking forward to it. My hip continues to be tight on cold days but it also seems to loosen up faster which is great. I seem to have broken through whatever was making everything feel so hard a few weeks ago because the last few weeks have been really great, I ran 10 miles this past Saturday and it was just the best feeling in the world. It was really the first time I knew I’d be able to do the 13.1 and that’s pretty cool. My sinuses have been killing me lately and Will’s been having trouble too. I’ve been using the neti pot and taking a lot of advil but I just have this persistent sinus headache. Bah. I’m going to buy Will a neti pot this weekend since he has a lot of sinus trouble and I think it will really help him.

This Saturday I am running 12 miles! It’s the last long run before the race, I’ll be tapering runs down so I can rest up and heal before the half the weekend after Thanksgiving. Very excited!


One Response to “Blink and you’ll miss it”

  1. Lolli November 16, 2009 at 8:46 pm #

    I love the pictures you posted of Will & Eli making faces. So sweet, but don’t tell Will he looks sweet, it might ruin his 16 year old cool image.

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