Walk this way!

21 Nov

I took Eli to the park around 9 this morning to get some play time in. The weather has been pretty nasty lately, all windstorms and rain so I wanted to take advantage of the chance to get him some fresh air and exercise other than what he gets at Gymboree. He seemed mildly amused by the swings, not at all amused by the other playground equipment, and had the most fun just walking. He kept heading for the sidewalks so we ended up walking a few blocks (with several wipeouts on his part but I think he was adjusting to walking with shoes). He was not happy when I put him in the car to come home but it was really cold and we don’t have a decent thick coat for him just yet. He won’t be carried up the stairs to our apartment anymore so although it makes the trip up take longer, it’s quite nice not to have to haul 30 lbs and whatever else up two floors. I also will take him to do the stairs when he’s bored or has some energy to burn off. He loves climbing stairs and we just need to work on learning how to go down them. He’s not so interested in that.

Will was accepted into the Cascades and has his first camp in December. Since his grades have been very mixed lately (more so not in the greatest of directions) Andy has placed some academic requirements around his participation in the Cascades. I am really psyched for Will and this opportunity. I hope that he steps up to the plate and does his work since I know how excited he is about it as well. Andy’s on nights this weekend so Will and I have been watching the Alien marathon on AMC tonight.

I did run the 12 last weekend with a friend and it was great. I am really glad my friend suggested running together because the 12 would have been b-o-r-i-n-g if not. I wish we had gone together for the long runs since at least 5 since chatting was such a nice distraction. I’m running 6-8 tomorrow then all I really have is the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning (a 5K in Ballard) and then the half on Sunday. We’re going to Emily and Jeremy’s for Thanksgiving and I’m looking forward to that, there is always quite the spread there and lots of good fun. One of their dogs, Kayak, is absolutely huge (90 lbs last time I heard) and we’re thinking of seeing if Eli will ride him. It was really sweet of them to invite all of us over since it’s not like it’s just me coming anymore.

Just a couple of videos, it is insane how many videos I take now that I can use my phone to do it. Here are a few I had on there:

This is actually from his birthday, I just forgot it was on my phone. Also, I can’t figure out how to rotate it, so maybe turn your head to the side?

I have no idea why green beans are so funny but kid was losing it. Sorry for the wobbly camera but I was trying to keep doing what he was laughing at and not distract him with the phone. Multitasking makes for jiggly camera:

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