Thanksgiving Eve

25 Nov

Hurray! Thanksgiving is almost here. We are all going to Emily and Jeremy’s and we will gorge ourselves (except because of my half on Sunday I get to call it “carb loading”) and everyone will have a few days off. Well, Will and I will. Andy has to work all weekend but is taking Sunday off since I will be running for the first part and likely in a coma for the second. Friday Eli, Will and I are going downtown to pick up my race packet (number, shirt, etc) and do a little Christmas shopping. Saturday my friend Mike is coming over to watch the LSU game and then Sunday is the race. I have short runs this week, just three today and tomorrow then nothing until the race. Will went with me today and made it 2.3 miles before he called it quits. I was impressed at that because on short runs I do speed work so I was doing some hills pretty fast and he kept up for probably 2/3 of it.

Tonight I’ve made a pecan pie, Andy will get his dough for rolls ready, and Will is making oatmeal raisin cookies to take tomorrow. He’s getting quite into making his own cookies and we found a NY Times recipe that claims to be the “ultimate” chocolate chip cookie so he made the dough for that last night. It has to chill 24 hours so we’re all looking forward to it because (of course) we sampled the dough and OH MY. It was amazing. The cookies are topped with a little bit of sea salt before baking and I am very excited about them. I’m trying to encourage the baking in other directions by getting him to think of other things that he likes and we can figure out how to make those, too. He and I have also been talking some about meals he likes and tossing out the idea that he try his hand at cooking some dinners. He’s more excited about the cookies than the dinners at this point but he’s obviously pleased when he receives all the compliments on a job well done. It’s exciting to watch someone learn new things! I also get to eat freshly baked cookies == WIN.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! I know I have a lot to be thankful for this year.


One Response to “Thanksgiving Eve”

  1. Lolli November 26, 2009 at 2:21 pm #

    Such a cute video, he’s getting that walking thing down pretty good. Can hardly wait to see him next month

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