More video, Sunday wrap up

6 Dec

Kid likes baths.

The Will and Eli game. This one tilts to the side as well, sorry about that. It’s also about 3 minutes long but once you’ve seen the first minute or so you’ve really seen the whole thing.

Everything is going well. I got a whopper of a cold the day after running the half, who knew that severe physical exertion deals your immune system a blow! Thanks to the neti pot I’m doing pretty well right now but fighting off a lot of sinus headaches. Oh well, at least I can breathe through my nose. I didn’t run all week because of it but I did do about 3.5 miles today. It’s a bit weird to run when I don’t have to. I wasn’t quite sure how much to run. Andy and Will seem to have caught the running bug for at least this week since they have gone running several times since I did the half. I think they’re jealous because they got shown up by a girl! They were originally both supposed to do the half with me but stopped training for various reasons. Funny stuff.

Long work week, Eli is to Sharron’s for four days this week. We bought him a pair of Chucks and they seem to work well on his fat feet. They’re a bit to get on properly but once they’re on they stay on and he can’t pull them off.

I’m going to put up pictures in the next few days. Going to cut this short, my head is killing me!


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