A lot can change in an instant.

10 Dec

More pictures up.

As some of you know, Wendy’s dad died suddenly earlier this week. We’re all just feeling terribly sad for the McKibbens and the rest of their family. I’ve been friends with Wendy since high school and always got along well with her parents. For me, as I imagine it might be for most of us who move away from home, it’s the worst fear realized–that something happens to a parent and we’re not there. It’s the trade off for living the life you need to live, if it involves living away from Shreveport. I know it’s something that sometimes keeps me up at night. I have had the McKibbens heavy on my mind this week. Due to all of the Christmas goings on at present (and band camp and GET program savings and car payments and car towings and whatnot) I wasn’t able to swing a last minute ticket home for Ray’s funeral no matter how much I wanted to be with Wen and everyone. Then Blake and Carrie offered to buy me a ticket home for the funeral and although I would have previously thought I would decline such a generous offer, I took them up on it in an instant. The chance to be with everyone at a time like this and to be with the McKibbens in person is important to me and I’m very lucky that I have such generous friends! Although it’s a sad reason for all of us to come together, there is some small solace that Carrie, Wen, and I will get to all be in the same room again.

So please forgive me if I haven’t notified you to say that I’m coming in to town. It’s all very last minute and on top of that it’s all very FAST. I fly into Dallas and then drive to Shreveport and won’t be in before 10 or so Friday night. Saturday I’ll be with the McKibbens and staying with Carrie and then I have to be back in Dallas Sunday morning by noon so I leave to drive back early. It’s all so short I didn’t really see any point in telling anyone I was coming because I won’t be able to see anyone who isn’t involved or going to the funeral. But please do keep the McKibbens and their families in your thoughts. It’s not fair for anyone to lose a Daddy and especially not so suddenly.

Okay, enough with the sadness. On with silly videos!

Bouncing baby boy:

More special time between Eli and Will. Will is really his favorite person.


2 Responses to “A lot can change in an instant.”

  1. Lolli December 11, 2009 at 5:15 am #

    Such cute pictures of a little boy! Where did your baby go????

  2. wendy December 14, 2009 at 12:36 pm #

    it was awesome to see you

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