Heads up

30 Dec

More pictures up. I really do have 8X10s of the Will/Eli picture for whomever wants one, there are pictures automatically going in the mail for all grandparents but if anyone else wants one, just drop me a line and let me know. I also added a little widget at the bottom right for email notifications. If you enter your email address, you’ll get an email alert when I update instead of having to check the website for updates.

Right now Andy and Will are in hour 2 of setting up the receiver and it’s hard to tell that they’ve done anything other than stare at a manual for a long time, completely trash my living room with every cable and component that was formerly housed in our entertainment center, and say things like “Now what?” and talk about speaker placement. I really, really hope that everything is restored to its former status by the morning because it looks like I’m going to be getting up early tomorrow with Eli since they sure aren’t going to bed any time soon. I really should learn to not take days off, I never seem to actually get them off anymore! There’s always work to be done.


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