6 Jan

I can never think of titles for these posts!

Anyway, a week or so into 2010 and things are going well. Through multiple daily Craigslist refreshings I have finally managed to find a daycare for Eli that both Andy and I are quite happy about. It’s run by two former nannies who have bought a house in Ballard (just about 20 blocks north of us) and they’re starting a daycare. It’s going to be 8 kids for the immediate future then they’ll up to 15 once they get licensed and get some more help. I toured the house and met with them Monday and Andy went with Eli Tuesday. They’re going back tomorrow to finish the registration and give Eli more of a chance to hang out and get familiar with it. He’ll go three days a week and I’ll do some wrangling with my schedule on the occasional week that we need 4 days of care. I can’t say how relieved I am to have finally found a place that I really like, not just one that’ll do. I was feeling the pressure to get him out of Sharron’s, not by anything she has done but just that I know he is a handful these days and her house isn’t really set up for a tiny tornado. I feel good about keeping him at the Berry Patch permanently (I can’t find the website link right now but that’s what they call it) even if the place we really liked opens up, I like this place that much. However, I did check with the #1 choice and their list hasn’t moved at all since September so it would still be at least 5 or 6 months for that. He’ll finish out January with Sharron then switch to the new space in February.

One of the aspects of daycare that made me nervous was that all daycares only do one nap a day, usually after lunch until 2:30 or 3. Eli was still a two nap a day kid although they were getting pretty short, just about 45 minutes for both. Andy took the bull by the horns this week and kept him up and Eli has gone to one nap a day with nary a peep of complaint. Today he was up from about 7 AM until 12:45 then took a nap until 3 and then stayed up until 7:30 PM and he was in good spirits the whole time. I hope this keeps up! What a mellow kid! It makes me feel better to already have him switched before he starts in a new place so his routine will stay basically the same. We got a copy of their daily schedule and we’re going to try to follow it loosely so the switch to daycare will be easier for him.

Eli’s still working on talking. He can say several words but isn’t really using them to tell us what he wants and when he does it’s still pretty confusing. He can say Mommy but it sounds like Maymee and mostly he just says Bubba for Will. (One of the best moments ever–I got home from work yesterday and he ran up to me, wrapped himself completely around my leg to hug me and sighed, “Maaaayyymeeee”. I about died.) He says Bubba consistently and without fail, probably at least two or three times an hour. If you show him a picture of Will, he says “Bubba!” If he sees/hears Will, he’s all “Bubba! Bubba!”. No doubt one of his favorite people. He can say muh for milk and bah for book which is the one he uses the most. Ever since he caught on to “book” we spend half our time dragging him away from bookshelves where he stands and yells, “Bah! Bah!” and he won’t drop it until you read several books to him. Other than that, he needs to be prompted for most of it and isn’t coming up with a lot of spontaneous speech. He’ll repeat almost anything we ask him to say so it’s not that he can’t say it, he just doesn’t seem to interested in really using words for things he wants yet.

I’ve signed up for a 10K (6.2 miles) next weekend at Magnuson Park. It’s not a big event, it’s a fitness series put on by a running club to get people exercising regularly so they sponsor monthly races. I’ve found that since the half I am still running but not nearly with the dedication as I did when I had a goal so I’ve decided to keep signing up for races in order to keep myself accountable. The ultimate goal at this point is to continue to improve my time so I’ve been doing daily strength training in order to improve my overall fitness and also lessen the likelihood of injury since I’ll be running faster. I still have no desire to try a full marathon. Maybe I’ll reconsider in the future but right now I just don’t have any temptation to do it. I’m trying to figure out where to go from here, I’ve been debating saving up to get a few months of sessions with a personal trainer but can’t decide if that’s what I really want or not.

Andy’s doing well, he had a show tonight and I FINALLY got to go see his band play. Once Eli went down for the night we put Will in charge (AKA he watched TV) and I walked up to the club in Ballard where they were playing. As I told Andy afterward, it was a really great show. I loved the music and Andy just really seemed to be enjoying himself on stage. It was awesome to get to see him in his element like that. Will is doing good as well. He’s handled the switch back to school well and has been doing a lot of socializing with friends lately.

Tomorrow I am running 4 miles with a friend after work then maybe meeting up with some other friends for drinks after. Andy and I talked and agreed that I get Thursday nights off to balance out his band practice nights and also because I am going to go CRAZY if I don’t start getting some time away from home and a chance to do my own thing. It’s easier just to do the same night so Thursdays it is. Now I just need to start finding things to do Thursday nights. What a great problem to have!


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