Wet noodle=Next Big Thing

22 Jan

I was wet noodled about 5 more times today. I am thinking this is not going to be one of those flash in the pan things.

It’s nice that I have a good grip. I was tempted to let him drop once today if for no other reason than to teach him a lesson about trying to slink out when he’s being picked up. Parents, what say you–evil or valuable lesson?

Everything else is good. Andy and Will are in Louisiana for the weekend and probably just getting into Shreveport about now. Tim stayed over last night and we all had a great time visiting and of course Eli loved the extra attention. Everyone left early this morning and Eli and I have had a pretty busy day. We had Gymboree this afternoon and he mostly did fine for that except for a few incidents during which he preferred to throw the maracas instead of shaking them. The more I tried to get him to play with them, the more he wanted to throw them and it was packed in music class today so inevitably any thrown object would bean another kid. So then I tried distracting him and not giving the maraca back to him and that didn’t go very well either. He also became a fan of stealing other kids’ maracas (and actually a few adults’ maracas too) and it just was not enjoyable at all for me during the maraca period of Gymboree. Thankfully the teacher put them up after a few minutes and we all just danced about like fools for a while after that. He was fine once they were put up, he just gets in snits about some things and decided to fixate on those today.

We came home and had a lovely nap (me too) and then I had to get him up to take him to the day care so we could drop off all of the registration paperwork and I could talk to them about the schedule. Due to Andy’s work schedule, we really can’t do the same three days each week and I had to make sure that would work for them. I lucked out and they were very agreeable to what we needed and I really couldn’t have asked for more. Eli was shy today and wouldn’t go to any of them which surprised them since apparently he was very lovey last time when Andy took him. I wonder if that has more to do with the fact that he was really not happy about being woken up or since I took him instead of Andy.

Tomorrow Mike is coming over for a bit during the day and Emily is coming over tomorrow night for a girls’ wine and cheese night. I’m really looking forward to it since we haven’t gotten to hang out in quite a while! She also hasn’t gotten to see much of Eli so that will be good. I’m on my own for Saints playoffs on Sunday and I’m a little sad about that but I’ll get over it. I know Andy and Will were looking forward to going to Louisiana and I’m happy they got to go home for the party.

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