Adventures in Daycare

2 Feb

Well, day one of daycare finished and he doesn’t seem to have carried the plague home with him yet. Win! Veronica (daycare co-owner) said he did very well today and they gave me a little note about his day which I now notice I left in his diaper bag which is in his room, otherwise I would have transcribed it for you. I’ll do it later. He’s asleep and I’m not going in there, he was one tired kid.

Overall he took a good nap although the sleeping on a mat concept is still pretty odd to him (they’re getting a stash of pack n’ plays tomorrow). In his note they said he spent a large part of the morning running laps around the daycare, picking things up in both hands, doing a lap, stopping to replace things in his hands, running around, etc. The other kids called him the “Silly One”. He is pretty silly. Veronica and the four or five kids were all sitting on pillows in a corner reading a book when I came to pick him up and he looked like he was enjoying himself. He only cried for a few seconds once I left (finally–the love! He usually just would reach for Sharron then turn to wave “bye” at me when I dropped him off there) and then she distracted him with some markers and he was all “Mama who?” after that.

They do want to work on his fork/spoon abilities since they saw he was having a hard time with it today and admittedly, that’s my fault. I have no idea when they’re supposed to start these things and you know, it is a LOT quicker and less messy to feed him if I just chop up stuff and give it to him as opposed to letting him at some applesauce with a spoon. Anyway, after I saw that in the note I did just that, we practiced our spoon technique and also picking up banana slices with a fork. Looks like he’ll be getting a lot more baths from now on.

He seems to have physically fared the day pretty well–he finally lost the scab off his nose from his most recent facial injury (walking around drinking a sippy and tripped, nose straight into sippy lid as it hit the floor) and the only observable wound he brought home from daycare was a little red splotch on his cheek. This could either be one of his countless nose dives into things or this weird little rash that’s been popping up here and there on him, I can’t tell. I was working out tonight and thinking about the little red spots on his cheek and WOW it’s the first day of daycare and OH BOY are they not watching my child and MAYBE I need to say something to make them keep a closer eye on him. Then he promptly walked up, tripped over my leg and went face first into my dumbbell sitting on the floor. He sat up and hugged me while he cried and when he pulled back, there was blood all over my shoulder, all over the side of his face and his hand from jamming it into his mouth. He had two little tooth gashes on the inside of his lip and it was a little swollen. I decided to cut the daycare a break.

Otherwise everything else is going well. I did my sprints last week (soooo tiring) and then 62 flights of stairs on the stair machine (which really is not as hard as actual stairs, I figure it’s about 60%) and then ran six miles on Sunday so my legs are just shot. It’s two days of no real working out and my hamstrings are still shot. Andy and I had a date night on Saturday courtesy of the daycare and had a wonderful time, we ate for about four hours straight and went to wine tastings and it was just really nice to be out and about.

Tonight is a pretty mellow night (biggest loser!) and the rest of the week is busy as usual. This weekend people are coming over to watch the Saints WIN the super bowl! I’m making red beans and rice and if I get my act together, a King Cake!

One Response to “Adventures in Daycare”

  1. Lolli February 3, 2010 at 4:23 pm #

    Even the children with the most miserable Moms learn to eat with a spoon & fork before they hit college. Look at you. Don’t worry about it.

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