Global Warming

14 Feb

So it’s snowing left and right in Louisiana and it’s a balmy 55 degrees and sunny here in Seattle.  We’re sitting around not doing much of anything this Valentine’s Day.  Will’s watching the Olympics and Andy and I are toodling around on our laptops.  We’re waiting for our pizza delivery because nothing says I love you like no cooking, right?  Andy did get me some roses which are beautiful and a lovely card.  I really meant to get him a card but then I spaced and life intervened and I promised I will make it up to him next year.  It’s not like we really put a lot of stock in the holiday anyway (see: pizza dinner).

Our daycare found a temporary space to operate and things have been going swimmingly there.  I caught a monster cold on Monday which took me out of work on Tuesday and Wednesday and bothers me still.  It’s a wee cough and congestion I can’t quite shake, neti pot or no.  It’s a lot better than it was so I won’t complain.  Eli went to daycare Tuesday and Wednesday so I got the LUXURY of staying in bed with my germiness instead of having to be functional and oh man, what an absolute miracle that was.  In addition to allowing me time to recuperate, I really feel like it was a nice mental break, to just lie in bed and relax and know that he’s off having a great time (and he was, he really really was).  I had SOME guilt over not keeping him with me but not too much because I really felt cruddy and was having a hard time staying awake.  I got over the guilt pretty quickly.

He loves daycare.  On most days they only have 5 or 6 kids so there’s lots of individual attention.  Several times now I’ve gone to pick him up only to be ignored because he’s off doing something fun with the other kiddos.  He comes home every day nearly exhausted and in a great mood.  I’ll be happy once we can go back to the actual house they have for it but for now things are working out well.  He’s a lot more social at Gymboree since he started daycare although he maintains his initial mellowness of sitting back and checking things out before he gets involved.  We dropped him at the gym daycare yesterday and this girl who was smaller walked up to him and started SLAPPING HIM IN THE FACE–repeatedly–until a teacher stopped it but Eli just sat and gave her a look as if to say, “What is YOUR problem?”  He didn’t cry or anything.  Once the teacher stopped it he just gave the little girl a look and walked off.  Crazy kid!

He’s still not talking and I think we (Andy) (well, ok both of us) are starting to get a little frustrated.  At daycare they call it his “whale sounds” because he tends to sort of moan-speak and he can generally get his point across but he is really reluctant most of the time to try to use words.  He says mostly b sounds although will make other ones if you ask him to and he’s in the mood for it.  It’s not that he can’t make the sounds, he just doesn’t seem to be ready to talk.  We try to encourage him to ask for things with words before we give him things but a lot of times he just melts down and so what do we do?  Are we making talking unpleasant by insisting and therefore encouraging resistance or do we just act nonchalant knowing that he will talk when he’s ready?  This parenting gig is hard sometimes.

Despite the speech thing he continues to be a dream around naptimes and sleeping.  His naps at daycare have been spotty, usually only about an hour long or so.  I think that has a lot to do with the fact that he has a lot of fun at daycare and doesn’t want to miss out!  He certainly doesn’t seem to have that problem here.

OOh–pizza here!  Happy Valentine’s Day!


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