Hot hot hot!

18 Feb

Ooooh what a loooong week.  It started out calm enough with Andy on a string of 4 nights which started Monday.  I made a personal promise to not make Will suffer frozen food all week and followed through on Monday by making a rather tasty beef stir fry and then it sort of went down hill from there.  I took Monday off because the daycare was closed for the holiday and after being off two days last week I was getting quite behind at work.

Eli woke up Wednesday morning on the wrong side of the crib.  He was alternately happy and just sort of moan-crying and awfully grumpy for the morning.  He’s usually in a great mood in the mornings but that morning everything upset him.  I picked him up and he put his head on my shoulder and he felt HOT.  His head was like a little baked potato just out of the oven.  Andy called in sick last night so he could stay home (note: this means he got off work at 6:30 Wednesday morning then stayed UP until I got home from work Wednesday afternoon.  This man is a saint.) with Eli since I had already gotten behind at work.  Last night was pretty rough, Eli’s fever seems to bounce around between 100 and 103 most of the time and tylenol/motrin doesn’t seem to bring it down under 100 much.

He slept with us for portions of last night because he was very restless and moany.  This morning I got up with him and let Andy sleep in until 10 since he has to work tonight and I really needed to go to work.  Everyone’s pretty sleep deprived.  Eli’s fever broke around 7 this morning and he remained pretty fever free until this afternoon when it shot up again to 103.  He’s a pretty tired little guy, all red rimmed eyes and wanting to sit on our laps and look at books.  He fell asleep on the floor today for about an hour and Andy didn’t have the heart to move him.  I put him down about an hour and a half ago after another dose of Tylenol and he was out in about 20 seconds.  The daycare said we could bring him tomorrow and Monday to make up for the two days he missed but we’ll have to see if this fever finally breaks tonight and he gets some rest. The weird thing is that other than the fever, he seems FINE.  His mood is good most of the time, there’s no GI problems, no respiratory anything, no nothing other than a fever.

On a selfish note, it was pretty sweet to bring him to bed and have him curl up with me to go to sleep.  He is pretty determined these days to cuddle with me and let me comfort him and that’s just an amazing feeling to know I might not be able to fix his fever but I can help him feel better.  A few times he would toss and turn and moan until I rubbed his back for a while and he could curl into my side and fall asleep.  I hate that he feels poorly but I’m so lucky that I can do something that helps, even just a little.

Here’s hoping he feels better overnight!  I was sort of scheming to get a day off together with Andy sans kids and we had planned to take him to daycare tomorrow so we could have some time off together if his fever was gone.  I guess we’ll see what happens!


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