Roseola, you are not so rosy at all.

22 Feb

So we called the ped Friday after he STILL had a fever (103) and they thought it sounded like roseola.  Wouldn’t you know his fever finally let up today and now it looks like someone attacked him with a red marker.  Kid is covered in little red spots, mostly over his stomach/back but also his head for a good part.  He looks diseased!  From the google Roseola website:

Other symptoms include:
* Irritability
* High fever that comes on quickly

Well, we all knew about #2 but Irritability? HAAAA. HA. HA. HA. UNDERSTATEMENT. What word is stronger than irritable? Please, let us use that word. He has been complaining and crying about EVERYTHING since about Sunday morning. (let us note that I started writing this Sunday night and it is now Monday evening and lo, the crying continues). The rash is gone and he’s got glimmers of his usual self there but wow, it is buried under a pretty good layer of WOE YOU HAVE WRONGED ME. LET ME SCREAM ABOUT IT NOW. Yes, I would like a cheerio. OH MY GOD WHY DID YOU GIVE ME A CHEERIO AND NOT ANOTHER CHEERIO IMMEDIATELY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUUUUUUU.

In other news, my sinuses hate me. Our non-existent winter and freakish spring weather has thrown everything into bloom and allergy sufferers are dying left and right. I’ve crossed the line into somewhat miserable with the congestion, headaches, and constant sore throat. It’s been mid 50s and GORGEOUS for a week and I am sick of it. It’s supposed to start raining tomorrow night and I can’t wait. That should be a big help with all of the pollen.

In less crabby news (sorry), Will is on target to go to his jazz festival this weekend in Idaho. He always has a good time and since he’s going, that means his grades are on track (yay!) which makes everyone happy. He’s starting practicing with the baseball team which is also conditional upon his grades. He seems to be voluntarily working a lot more on his schoolwork since the baseball idea began. It’s nice to see. I really hope he gets to do it.

Andy’s birthday is Wednesday and June is coming to babysit and we are going to go get some sushi and do some window shopping. I think it’s going to be a pretty low key birthday this year. Gotta save it all up for the big 4-0 next year, right?

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