Back to normal

25 Feb

He’s back! He’s back! My sweet baby boy is back!

He had one last grump-tastic morning yesterday morning and that was it. He’s been back to normal and in a good mood since. I think he’s finally over the fatigue of being sick. He’s gone to daycare every day this week and will go tomorrow as well since they offered us a makeup day and I’m taking a little longer to get over my whatever-it-is. I’m betting on a sinus infection since I’ve been running a low fever for a few days now and generally just can’t shake feeling bad and congested. I got some Flonase yesterday so I’m hoping that does the trick. I’ve left work early two days in a row now because of it and I skipped doing stairs today and I’m sick of it. I’m ready to feel healthy again!! I have a lot of things to do!

Tomorrow I will do stairs (to make up for the miss today as long as there’s no fever) and I get some downtime tomorrow afternoon. Saturday, I have an all day prep course for my license exam. Saturday night Andy and I have Parents Night Out through the daycare and I have no idea what we’ll do. We had sort of planned on skipping this month since we were going to go out the night of his birthday but June got sick and couldn’t sit so we stayed in. I’m sure it will just be the usual dinner and a movie bit but it will be fun! Sunday is the usual run with Christine and then Andy has band practice.


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