Bah baaaahhhh

28 Feb

It’s really amazing how much his language has exploded since he has started daycare. He spends most days mimicking what we say and comes pretty close a lot of the time. He’s willing to say a lot more although we still hit a lot of frustration when he wants something. He tends to just resort to screaming but I suspect this is Normal Toddler Behavior. The words he’s using a lot the last few days are pasta (pah-da), Bubba (he means Will but he’s been saying this forever), Eli (Eee-yi), hees (cheese), waffles (wahfah), up (up!). I’m trying to remember all the ones he uses but the boys aren’t being helpful in jogging my memory right now (ex: Will: “He says, ‘dah’ a lot. We should teach him Russian.” Andy: “Yeah, we’ll just teach him Russian and nobody will understand him.” NOT HELPFUL.) He says UP constantly, pick me up, put me up there, put this up, so many ways he uses “up”. He also has finally climbed onto the furniture unassisted. He’s not very good at it yet so mostly he just repeatedly tries to climb it saying “Up!” as some sort of self-motivation but every once in a while he’ll get it.

I am so happy to report the flonase seems to have healed me. I am still pretty allergic these days but the headache, congestion, and fever are gone and I can breathe without wondering how long it’s been since my last Afrin dose. If this is how it’s going to be, I can live with that. Between my zyrtec, flonase, and the neti pot, I can pretty much handle it in a non-miserable fashion. And that’s really all I ask.

Will went on the band trip and seems to have had a good time. His phone was stolen this morning which isn’t great but he seems pretty okay with it. He’s got a big school week ahead of him with a few substantial tests so here’s hoping everything goes well with them. He also has baseball practice several days a week after school so he’s keeping pretty busy.

We had a busy weekend. Thursday I left work early because I still felt nasty but Friday afternoon I felt sort of okay so Andy and I went and did stairs. I normally do them on Thursdays but canceled on my friend because of the general cruddy feeling. I did over 2,200 stairs. That’s pretty neat. I took the last run two at a time which in retrospect wasn’t very brilliant but at least it was over faster. I also got to meet a friend out for drinks Friday night which was a nice break from childcare and illness. Yesterday, I had an all day prep course for my license exam for the LICSW (licensed independent clinical social worker) exam. It was a little pricey but totally worth it. I really feel like I got my money’s worth out of it. Last night, the daycare did Parents’ Night Out (PNO) so Andy and I dropped Eli off and went and had sushi and saw Shutter Island.

Today, Andy, Eli and I ran Green Lake this morning (well, Eli slept for all of it, so lazy). Will came back in town and Eli and I picked him up since Andy was at band practice. Will and Eli took a nap this afternoon and I took advantage of the quiet to get some studying in. I made chicken and dumplings for dinner and now we’re all full and warm and everybody’s about to go into a coma (except for Eli since he’s been asleep for a while already and me since I’m sitting writing this while stuffing girl scout samoa cookies into my mouth every minute or so).

Here’s a short little video from the car ride after they picked me up from my course yesterday. Eli is pretty good at pointing out body parts. It’s the weirdest thing, he usually is fine with eye/ear except when there’s a camera on him. Oh well, it’s cute anyway. I love the end where he says, “Bye byyyyye”

(and happy 16 months tomorrow, Eli! We love you!)


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