Weekly Report for Eli

4 Mar

from the daycare: (yes, I’m reaching for blog material here)

Theme: Zoo! concepts: Self-help

Observations for the week: Eli has been stellar in an exhausting week (they were very busy this week). He’s been talking, saying “boat”, “bye bye”, “up”, “doggy”, and “book”. He nods in the correct context too. He was having limited success using glue to stick felt onto paper but it’s a skill that’ll take 2 years for any kid to completely master. He was swatting at nearby kids when upset. We’ve been reminding him, “Gentle! Hitting hurts!” All in all, he’s been in a great mood.

He does get a little swatty when he gets really mad. It’s nothing to dramatic at this point but sometimes when he’s frustrated he’ll come up and smack me on the leg–even if he’s frustrated at somebody/something else, he’ll ditch it and come whap me–but I just try to keep composure and sit and talk to him about what’s bothering him. For the most part, this seems to calm him but I really don’t expect it to work forever.

Can I say again I love his daycare? They went to the zoo today. The other day they went on a “cherry blossom walk” because all the trees are blooming and collected cherry blossoms and made pictures with the blossoms they collected. They’ve gone to the library this week for story time. Eli leaves every day exhausted and happy. This morning I went in with him and he immediately went to one of the tents and started playing inside it with some balloons. I loaded up his bin (extra clothes and diapers and such) and told him I was leaving. He came over and said, “Up!” and I told him again I was leaving and picked him up and gave him a hug. He wanted down so I put him down and he walked to the front door and kept trying to open it. I was a little worried he thought he was leaving with me so I walked to the door and said again I had to go to work and I was going bye-bye. Wouldn’t you know, kid opens the front door FOR ME. He watched me go out then shut it and waved at me through the glass and yelled, “BYE BYE” and then took off to play with his toys. Is it so much to ask for a few tears, kid? Or even a longing look? Don’t look so happy!

I’m kidding. I’m thrilled. I love that he loves to get rid of me every day because he’s having fun. All of the other kids are really cute overload, they’re all too small to pronounce L’s well at all so they all call him “Eee-yi”. Whenever I pick him up, George and Owen (the two other little boys close to his age) start chanting, “Bye Eee-yi”. I about die every time. It’s adorable.

Tomorrow is the first day off in a long time that Eeeyi and I will be on our own. I’m really looking forward to some time alone with my boy. We’ve got Gymboree at 10:15 for music class. It’s a new class since he has aged into the 16-26 month class. I’m interested to see how it will go since we were sometimes worried in his 10-16 month music class because he was so much larger than the other kids, sometimes it looked like he might crush them. He’s more in size proximity to 2 year olds.

I do have pictures to upload but I’m too lazy to do it tonight. I went and did stairs after work. The stair climb is in two weeks and then I have a half marathon on May 9th. It’s Mother’s Day and I missed the early sign up for the Kirkland half. I don’t really like their shirts either so I was thinking I could just train like I really DID enter it and then just run 13 miles on Mother’s Day. I really don’t want to pay $65 for a shirt I really don’t like. It’s pink (yes, the shirt does raise the desirability of entering a race).

Since I’m too lazy to upload pictures, I leave you with yet another video:


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