Uh Oh.

9 Mar

This is Eli’s new thing. I remember it from kids I used to babysit, the whole throwing down of objects and then “uh oh”. LIKE THEY DIDN’T MEAN TO DO IT. Since it’s only about a week old it’s still pretty cute and he really only does it when he’s in his high chair so it’s not too bad yet. He continues with the alien language and is pretty difficult to understand most of the time but I think I’m getting a little better at deciphering his “speech”. He uses “muh” for A LOT of things and I think most of the time it’s a general “I want” but sometimes it can also be “milk”. I’ve tried getting him to do the sign for milk but he never quite got the hang of that one. He does fine with straws now and is getting pretty good at using a fork although spoons are still pretty messy.

Will is doing AWESOME in school–all As except for one B in English and that’s about to become an A as well. We’re trying to encourage him to maintain since that’s a lot easier to do than get in a hole and have to dig yourself out. I’ve been really impressed with him, he’s done most of this without any significant hounding from us. Andy put his baseball participation dependent upon his grades and maybe now that Will couldn’t do the Cascades he believes that Andy will take him out. I don’t know. He just seems more internally motivated than I’ve ever seen him. I hope it sticks!

I hope to get around to uploading pictures tonight but I make no promises. So I leave you with two videos so nobody can say I didn’t post anything:

Will, just a swingin’

Banana (also sounds like mama most of the time, not sure how I feel about that)


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