This is why people have more kids

20 Mar

We went to the park this afternoon because it was just wonderfully warm weather. Eli was pretty on the go the whole time and ran from one thing to another. We did our best to keep up but didn’t always make it, evidenced by the knockdown he received from a kid on the swings. He made quite a few stops at the giant sandpit that is crammed full of trucks and toys and whatnot. Every once in a while, he’d stop playing and start looking around while asking, “Mama? Mama?” until he found me (or Andy or Will pointed me out) then he would smile at me and go right back to playing.

Heart. exploded.

One Response to “This is why people have more kids”

  1. Lolli March 21, 2010 at 5:53 pm #

    Now you know.
    Love Mom

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