March Wrap Up

5 Apr

Sorry about the gap in posting. We’ve been busy here in the Smimassithey house and I often chose to stare blankly at the wall instead of regurgitating (that’s FORESHADOWING) whatever has been happening here. In any case, Andy is now on a string of nights and we’re no longer visiting or being visited so I don’t really have an excuse not to post, not even to stare at the wall.

Andy’s parents came in town (hi!) the last week of March to coincide with Will’s spring break and also the spring break for Eli’s day care. His day care closings pretty much follow the public school schedule except for summer vacation. It was great timing as Andy was already off for most of the week to stay home with Eli. It was ALSO great timing (for ME) because Eli caught a very quick moving and vicious stomach bug on Sunday evening. He was fine all day until he got up from his nap and was a bit cranky and not easily soothed. I was bouncing him on my lap to try and calm him down (noooooo!) and UUUURRRRPPPP.

Let’s just say it’s going to be a LOOOONG LOOOONG TIME before I can eat a grilled ham and cheese sandwich again. Nuff said.

I’m sorry to say he threw up three more times (all on me!) necessitating a million clothing changes and six loads of laundry and two baths. He ran a 101 fever. His parents were here for a week and this is the only picture the whole time that was taken with our camera:

Sick but still cute.

Poor baby.

I hear his parents got some pictures with theirs, perhaps I can get them emailed? In any case, it was a good trip but I wish we had made things more exciting, barf-a-thon notwithstanding. There was a day or two of Teething Or Not? at the end of their trip which might clue you in to Eli’s mood. He was in good spirits for most of the trip and I hope they had a good time. They got to spend a lot of time with the grandkids which I suspect was what the trip was really about.

We followed their visit up with a trip to Olympia to see Andy’s brother Tim and Jocelyn. I did the stair climb with Jocelyn and we’re going to do the Rock n’ Roll half in July (at least I think so, not sure about that now that I think about it). We had a great time going to the dock at low tide with Eli. Eli was a bit upset with us at times since we wouldn’t let him run straight into the water but he got over it pretty quickly. He had a lot of fun running around at the dock and the beach. He took his entire nap in the car on the way there and then he and Will slept the entire way back.

Andy worked a 12 on Sunday so I had my first day alone with my baby in quite some time. Since Andy had been off work all week he was a bit Daddy-centric (even crying when I tried to put him to bed and basically remaining inconsolable until Daddy took him from me and put him down). I was looking forward to some alone time so I could win him back over to Mama’s side. We had a great day and went to the park and got all sorts of things done and had a great time hanging out.

His speech is exploding although it’s not very clear. He can tell you he wants his book “Annnnn Annnn” for Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb. He says “No” a lot but it’s usually only in response to a yes/no question or when he’s mimicking you. He’s says “All right” and “right back” a lot. He has to point out every single airplane when he hears them “aah main! aah main!” He’s more willing to try out repeating words than he used to be. He says please fairly often now–“peash” and sometimes will prompt me to say thank you by doing the sign for it. He says bath tub, bath room, park, car, truck (except he says the sound “vroom vroom” and not “truck”) and others I can’t remember. I need to start writing the words down.

He’s getting really good at climbing. He is almost there with door knobs so we kid proofed (and often adult proofed) the doorknob to the apartment a few weeks ago. He can reach the light switches to turn them off but not on so it can make things pretty interesting because he turns the light off constantly. I was trying to organize the closet the other day and the light kept switching off every two seconds and he’d say, “Dark”. He’s not as crazy about baths as he used to be. He can put things back where he got them, he can go and get things you ask for, and learns new words really quickly. His mood largely continues to just be that of an absolute peach and I continue to be amazed that I had such a mellow kid.


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