Daycare = WMD

12 Apr

So I’m working now on my third or fourth cold in as many months. Eli came down with the sniffs on Friday, runny nose and cough on Saturday and poor sleep-waking himself up hacking-horrible cough that sounds like choking at the end Sunday and all last night. Mine didn’t really kick in until Sunday morning. I had been working diligently to dodge this one, all washing hands compulsively and whatnot. On Saturday Eli came up to me and said, “Up please?” (“Uppp peash”) and I picked up him. He promptly coughed right in my face and THE PHLEGM WENT IN MY EYE. It reminded me of a scene from a sci-fi movie because I knew I was infected then, there was no hope for me, and I kept telling Andy, “It’s in my eye, it’s in my eye”. Meanwhile Eli is quite “peashed” he cleared his throat and asked repeatedly for milk “moh? moh? moh? peash? moh?”

So last night was about four hours of sleep because Eli hardly slept for all the coughing and of course we had the monitor turned up high so we could keep an eye on him. So every time he woke up, we did and we didn’t go back to bed for a while. The cough was really terrible, all choky and potential gagging at the end. I felt pretty cruddy myself but thankfully no cough so it was hard to go back to sleep. Andy was off today anyway so he took Will to school then took Eli to the doctor after since he had been rubbing his ears, running a fever, and we wanted the cough checked out. Everything is fine, no infections and nothing to do other than warm water with honey in his sippies and motrin for the fever. I suspected as much but was glad to have it verified since his chest sounded so rattly. I stayed home and played the role of slug. I slept in and then walked around like a snotty zombie for most of the day and took advil and neti potted and helped with Eli. Eli went down for his nap and I took one as well. He then got up and slept for another hour on me (a three hour nap!) and we both felt pretty good after we got up. His cough is still there but a lot better, no runny nose, and no fever. So off he goes to daycare tomorrow to pick up something new. I’m sure I’m terribly behind at work from missing today so I hope I keep feeling better.

Other than that, everything is going well. Eli’s big into saying “no” the last few days and we have started the one minute long time outs. So far it does seem to stop the behavior for a while (climbing on the heater to look out of the window is the big one) and oddly enough the kid will actually sit on his blanket for the whole minute without trying to get up. I don’t expect that to continue. He says “no” to copy us, he says “NOOOOO” when he doesn’t want us to do something, he sometimes will say NO when he is about to do something he knows he shouldn’t. He wants to help with everything and as much as possible, we try to give him a little job whenever we’re doing something. He also has started saying “bye bye Daddy” which WOW does that work on Andy! He says “mah dah dee” or “mah mama” or “mah bubba” a lot these days when he sees us, like “hey! that’s MY daddy!” It’s pretty cute.

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to make out what he’s saying. A few nights in a row around bedtime he kept walking around saying “pitches” and we had no clue but we were both looking at each other asking where he learned THAT word because it sure sounded a lot like the one that starts with a “b”. We finally realized that he was saying “pjs” because I put him on the changing table to put them on him and he started saying, “pitches, pitches”. Whew!

Time for bed. Hope everyone is well.


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