14 Apr

Eli and I ended up taking another day off. The morning after my last post went rather swimmingly and I got both of us ready to head out. Eli drank his usual sippy of milk and ate most of his cereal bar while I put my shoes on. He started coughing and coughing and coughing and ccooooughing. He started crying and asked to be picked up so I did and UUUURRRP. More coughing and he coughed so much he threw up several times and he just cried. I felt so bad for him (and me, tagged AGAIN!).

At this point, I didn’t know what to do. He had no fever and his cough WAS better but….when he did cough it sounded pretty nasty and painful and he would cry for a minute or so after the cough but then he seemed okay. I called the daycare and they said as long as there was no fever it was pretty much up to me. Do I take him in and hope for the best? Do I let him stay home another day to rest and kick it all the way? Do I miss another day of work? How behind am I going to be after ANOTHER missed day of work? I’m on call that day, I really hate missing days I’m on call because that means someone else has to pick up my slack and I hhaaaaatte that. While I was walking around he had another nasty fit of coughing and just cried while sitting on the kitchen floor and that was pretty much that. I called in to work and will work Friday instead of yesterday and the daycare agreed to let me swap the days. It was worth it even if most of the day he seemed pretty much fine. He was a little more tired than usual and we watched a lot of tv curled up in our chair.

I’m glad I stayed home.


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