Is a fever a perpetual state?

18 Apr

It seems like Eli is running a fever more days than not lately. He was a bit of a crankster yesterday evening and all he wanted to do was sit on me. His head felt a bit hot so we took his temperature and 100.5. Again this morning, another hot head and 100.7. When he went down for the evening it was almost 101. I gave him Motrin this morning and before bed so he was right as rain by the time he went to sleep but what gives? His mood is mostly good other than a little bit of crankiness and there’s no other observable symptoms other than a runny nose (which really does seem a bit constant these days) and the lingering cough (which is a lot better but still there just a tad). He’s got a tooth that broke through last week but is taking it’s sweet time coming the rest of the way through so maybe that’s it? Who knows.

Andy worked all weekend but Eli and I were busy, busy, busy. The weather Saturday was terrible. I had a slot at the gym daycare so I went to kickboxing (really need to buy the gloves, I skinned my knuckle again) and ran a mile and a half. He had a great time in the daycare going on the slide over and over and over. It poured most of the day but after our naps we went for a walk. He always wants to go outside but it seems lately he doesn’t really want to walk and instead asks, “Up? Up? Up?” most of the time. The wrong person is getting tired out here, kid! Today we ran Green Lake and it’s the first time I’ve run while pushing him and jeeeeeez was that hard! Then we went to the park there and June and Kristen joined us for an hour and Eli had a blast playing in the big sandbox and on the slides. We went for another walk after naps to the park in our neighborhood and he played with some neighborhood kids. He went down like a ton of bricks tonight. I feel like I will likely do the same. I’m totally exhausted.

We’ve cut out all white bread/pasta/flour/sugar/processed foods in our diet for the last week and it’s been going well. There were some pretty severe sugar/bread cravings on day 3 or so but it’s pretty okay now. I made turkey spaghetti tonight and instead of pasta I used spaghetti squash and it was pretty darn good! I was really pleased that the squash makes a good substitution for pasta. We’ve all been doing well sticking to the diet and we’ve been eating a TON of vegetables and fruit. Will came home from school the other day and ate celery with peanut butter and an apple for his after school snack. He kept commenting about how good it all was and I pointed out that he usually would come home and eat half a bag of tortilla chips! Today for his snack he had lettuce wraps with turkey and avocado. We’ve had some slip ups here and there–there might have been some easter candy left over that was fought over a night or two ago–but I’m proud of all of us. The diet was my idea–we were all just eating too much crap really–but I’m so pleased that the boys have really run with it. Will has said a few times how much better he feels this week and attributes it to not eating a lot of junk. Nice!

Andy is off tomorrow and Tuesday so we’re going to see if the daycare will swap Tuesday for Friday again. That would give Andy and I a day off together and I am so looking forward to that. We also have the Parents Night Out this Saturday that’s put on by the daycare so next weekend is shaping up to be pretty great already!

Eli has finally differentiated between nose and toes–he’ll even point to parts of your face and say the names for them. It’s pretty cute except when he points out “eye” you have to get out of reach because he’ll try to poke his finger straight into your eyeball. It’s amazing how much he understands and enjoys helping–a kid at the park today got some dirt on one of the seats and he came and grabbed his jacket and used it to wipe the seat off. Maybe I clean too much? He helps me with laundry, he’ll help stir whatever is cooking, he loves to wash his hands, and he will grab cloths or the duster and use them to “clean” things around the house. He’s also really into turning off the lights and now that turning out the light before we leave is his “job”, he doesn’t turn them off every five seconds anymore. When we leave a room, I ask him to turn it off and he does. I think so far it’s satisfied his need to do it.

Next race is Beat the Bridge in mid-May. It’s a 5 miler but again something that keeps me exercising regularly because otherwise I won’t do it. I haven’t been running so much lately. Right now I’m doing boot camp Mondays, running Thursdays and Sundays, and the abs class on Saturdays. It all sounds really fit, right? I don’t look it–hence the diet we’re on right now. That was my main motivation because it seems like I work out A LOT and I sure don’t look like it. In any case, I really enjoy the classes at the gym and need to ramp up my running so my time can get better for the Rock n’ Roll marathon in July.

About it for today–have a great week everyone!


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