20 Apr

Thank you = Nanu
Please = Peash
I know, right? = I knoooooooow
Bubbles = Bubba
Will = Bubba (hee)
Waffle = wawa
Water = wawa
Purple = puhpah
Pajamas-“pjs” = pitches (sigh)
I love you = I wove ooo
Eli = Aye-yi
Mommy= mama
Banana= mama
Dance = dince
Pasta = pahda
Socks = ishocks (i think he’s saying they’re his socks usually so he says “I” instead of “my”)
Nose = no
No = NOOOOOOOO (except no pointing to nose which is how you differentiate)

All I can think of off the top of my head. Also the boys aren’t being very helpful in jogging my memory yet again. The cutest by far is thank you because he sounds like a tiny Mork when he walks around doing the sign for it and saying “nanu nanu”.

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