“He’s been a bit dramatic today”

6 May

That was the summation of Eli’s behavior I received when I arrived at daycare today to pick him up. If that doesn’t encompass the behavior of most toddlers, I don’t know what does. He had the two bottom cuspids break through and come in a few weeks ago (they’re still slow going but the worst is over) and last night after a night of particular DRAMA we noticed the two top cuspids are about to put in an appearance as well. I gave him a dose of Motrin before dropping him off today and I guess it was helpful for the morning. He’s continuing with the “wrong side of the crib” behavior after his afternoon nap even at daycare, so it’s hard to know if his mood is due to teeth or just crankiness after his afternoon nap. For the most part, he’s still fine. Cuspids don’t seem to be causing the all-out misery that molars did. It mostly just makes for a very fickle toddler who doesn’t tolerate things well when YOU DO NOT DO THINGS EXACTLY THE WAY I WANT THEM WHY DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND “DIBBY DIBBY” MEANS OPEN THE REFRIGERATOR AND SLICE SOME STRAWBERRIES FOR ME.

So there’s that. I had a sad day at work today. A long time client of mine (maybe about 3 or 4 years) died of a heart attack in his sleep. Although these things happen, this guy had really seemed to finally gotten back on track. He had a terrible childhood, alcoholic abusive parents, lots of mental illness in the family, a history of substance use himself and had been sober now for almost 2 years. He just got awarded disability benefits with a LARGE backpayment (tens of thousands) and was starting his last quarter to finish his GED so he could go to community college to learn IT. He was managing a clean and sober house. He literally got the disability notification about three weeks ago and all he wanted to do with the money was buy a fancy computer with a good graphics card so he could play some computer games and save the rest of it. It seemed like after a lifetime of drugs, alcohol, dysfunction, abuse and everything else he was finally starting to work through all of it. And then he dies in his sleep! How is that fair? I wish he had at least been able to get the computer first and have some fun playing his games before he died. Oh well. I’ve been bummed all day. He was a really nice guy and one of the rare clients who actually thanked the people who worked with him. He told me several times that I saved his life and although I would remind him that he was doing all the work, it was always nice to hear and be appreciated. I will miss him.

I signed up for the marathon. And in true Erin fashion, a hip strain I’ve been battling for about a month now came out in full force after a short (3 mile) run today. I’m limping. It hurts and not in a “Oh, I’ll just take a day or two off and it will go away” sort of way. Good thing I have 7 months until the race. Advil and ice packs are going to be my mantra this weekend. It’s not the same muscle that gave me such trouble last year but it is the same side. I hurt it about a month ago in that abs class I was doing and it goes away after a day or two but comes back pretty easily. I’ll probably just hit the elliptical or the bike for the next week to give it a full break. Maybe I will even start swimming again.

Tomorrow night we have a going away gathering after work for my office mate who is transferring to a different program. I’ll miss her! It’s my running buddy so we’ll still see each other since she’s promised to do a lot of the training for the marathon with me but I’ll miss not having her in my office. I am looking forward to getting to hang out with work friends and that will be fun! No other big plans for the weekend, just a nice weekend off with the boys. I’m looking forward to it.


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