18 month comparison

23 May

Giving hope to the idea of future children, a snapshot of how it (hopefully) gets easier:

This is a fun game! Here’s 5 day old Eli, a little more than a 24 hour period, starting at midnight:

12 AM Diaper
12:34 AM Sleep 40 min
1:32 AM Feed 1.25 oz
1:40 Sleep 40 min
2:30 AM Feed .5 oz
3:45 AM Sleep 2 h 45m
6:15 AM Feed 1 oz
6:23 AM Diaper
6:30 AM Sleep 3h 45m
10:30 AM Diaper
10:45 AM Feed 1.25 oz
11:25 AM Feed .5 oz
11:40 AM Feed 1 oz
11:52 AM Diaper
12:15 PM Sleep 1 h 15m
3:20 PM Feed 2 oz
4:15 PM Diaper
4:30 PM Sleep 3h
8 PM Feed 2 oz
8:39 PM Diaper
8:40 PM Feed .5 oz
9:05 PM Sleep 3h
12:05 AM Diaper
12:10 AM Feed 1.5 oz
12:45 AM Sleep 50m
2:12 AM Feed 1 oz
2:35 AM Sleep 2 h 40 m
5:30 AM Feed 1 oz

Here’s 24 hours in the life of Eli as a 10 week old:

8 AM Wake up, bottle (6 oz), Diaper
10 AM Nap (usually about an hour)
11 AM Wake up, prune juice bottle, Diaper
1 PM Bottle (6 oz), diaper
2 PM Nap (3 hours)
5 PM Wake up, bottle (6 oz), diaper
7 PM Bottle (6 oz), diaper
8 PM Bedtime
12 AM Bottle (6 oz), diaper
5 AM Bottle (6 oz), diaper
8 AM Wake up! (and diaper change!)

Here’s Eli as an almost 9 month old.

Anywhere from 6-7 AM Wake up, talk to self/play in crib until Mom/Dad drag lazy rear out of bed
7:30 AM Breakfast. Fruit usually, most often mixed with some oatmeal
8:30 AM Bottle 6-7 oz
10 AM Nap
11-11:30 Wake up
Noon Lunch, maybe some vegetables or other baby food dinnerish concoction
1 PM Bottle 7 oz
2:30 Nap
5 PM Wake up, bottle 6 oz
6:30 Dinner, some veggies or dinner baby food thing
7 PM Bathtime!
8 PM Down for the night, bottle 7 oz

Here’s Eli as an 18 month old:

6:30 AM Wake up. Not as content as he used to be to talk to himself for long periods cause kid has places TO GO.
After wake up, big sippy full of milk and either a cereal bar (on work days) or oatmeal/cereal/muffins/waffles on non work days
Noonish–lunchtime. He eats a lot of different foods although it seems like some days he prefers to exist on nothing but 4 goldfish crackers and air, other days he will have 4 courses for each meal and demand more. Favorites are ravioli (the gerber pasta pickups kind), goldfish, blueberries, hummus and pita, salsa and chips, sauteed kale, chicken strips, and any sort of bean.
1-3 PM Naptime. Usually prompted by Eli himself who will start saying “Bye bye” when is tired and ready to go down.
3-4 PM Wake up, snack, usually some water or milk and lately, popcorn. He’s a total popcorn junkie.
5:30ish Dinner.
8 PM Bedtime.


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