Thursday beat

27 May

I am so, so tired. I don’t know what’s up with this week but I feel like I’m coming off a long bout with the flu and I just ran a marathon all at the same time. Andy’s been working the last 6 days (2 12 hour days then a flip to 4 12 hour nights) so I’ve had a lot of solo parenting time but I don’t think that’s really it. Eli’s mood changed back to normal on Sunday and he’s been mostly sweetness and light (and very little hitting) since then. He’s back to being a pretty easy kid.

Will’s doing GREAT in school. He’s got all As and a C in English but he’s super close to pulling that English grade up. He had a band trip to Victoria last weekend and his musical is all this weekend. He’s pretty tired too! He isn’t allowed XBox during the week but can play it for two hours a day on weekends if he maintains grades. Since he usually tries to shmooze me when Andy isn’t here, he tried to convince me to let him play it Monday night. Here’s the gist of the conversation:

“Hey, can I play Xbox?”
“No, it’s Monday. You know you can’t play during the week.”
“Why not?”
“Because you can’t or won’t moderate your time on it and you end up playing it all the time and ignoring your school.”
“But one day I’m going to live on my own and I’ll play it all the time.”
“Well then you’ll be responsible for yourself and you’ll have to deal with the consequences of those actions.”
“So I’m just saying that since I know I can’t moderate myself and one day I won’t and I’ll play it all the time anyway, there’s really no point in trying to get me to do it now.”
“Sure there is because it means right now I don’t have to listen to it.”

WHEN DID I BECOME A PARENT. In any case, he has been doing a lot better. He’s got the SAT in a few weeks and I’m sure he’ll do fine although it’d be nice if he studied some for it. I guess sometimes you need life to smack you in the face before you get that your actions affect your future. I know that I needed that.

Tomorrow Andy is finally off work and he has band practice tomorrow night since they had to skip Tuesday because of his work schedule. Saturday night I am going to June and Kristen’s bridal/bachelorette/we’re getting hitched party at a dueling piano bar downtown which should be a lot of fun. I’m really hoping Sunday and Monday are just laid back because I don’t think I can take much more!


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