Lazy Saturday

5 Jun

For me, anyway.

The last two weeks have been HECTIC. Will’s had a lot of musical performances, Andy’s been working long shifts, Eli had a mild illness (of the sort of fevery respiratory sort) which required Andy taking a day off work. That’s always the tricky moment, the one where you realize the child will need to stay home from daycare and there’s that minute or two of Andy and I staring at each other, wondering who will win the “Whose job tomorrow is more important?” competition. Thankfully it was a training day for Andy whereas I was sitting in on interviews and had a full day scheduled so he offered to stay home. WHEW.

Today Will is taking the SAT. Since he signed up very late, the only location that still had openings in Western Washington was in Bremerton (and there was only one spot left) which is an hour long ferry ride away. So they got up this morning at 4:30 to be on the road to catch the 6 AM ferry since they had to be at the testing site by 7:45. Andy threw out the idea the other night of taking Eli with them so I could have a morning off and time to get my run in without having to arrange a babysitter. At first I said no because it seemed like such a hassle to have to pack the bag and get Eli up early and I thought it’d be a lot of trouble for him to have to take Eli along. Then I thought WHAT AM I THINKING I CAN HAVE A FULL CUP OF COFFEE IN PEACE AND QUIET and I told Andy he was the most wonderful person ever. So we got up in the wee hours of this morning and I helped see them off. And then proceeded to not be able to fall back asleep and wake up every 20 minutes after that until I finally got up at 8:45. But WHO CARES! I didn’t HAVE to get up. And that’s all that counts.

So now I’m about to go do my 7 mile run in the sunshine and then back to sitting around and being lazy. We had a little parents’ night at his daycare last night, just a sort of little mixer for the parents to get to know each other and get flowers from the kids and little paper lanterns they made. It was really nice and cute. We do have a little video from it on Andy’s phone and I’ll post that later.


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