6 Jun

There was a family night at Eli’s daycare and they’ve got their own song where each kid gets to say his name. Andy and I missed the first part of the song but you get the idea. Eli gets pretty excited about getting to say his name.

It was a great weekend. The boys finally got back around 3:30 yesterday and all promptly went into comas. Everyone got up about 5:30 and Will had another musical and the last one was a matinee today. I think we’re all pretty tired. We had steaks for dinner last night (reward for longest run in quite some time–my next steak night is when I get to 14 miles) and I have to say, I am the steak master. I broiled them for about 2 minutes per side and they were HEAVENLY. This morning I let Andy sleep in and I made some blueberry scones (this recipe) and they turned out pretty darn tasty.

Today we went and got a little dress suit for Eli and found Copper River salmon at a not-fainting-at-the-sight-of-it price, so we bought some for dinner. Copper River salmon is only available three or four weeks a year and it is amazing. Also, some house cleaning, some baby wrangling, etc.

Eli is very helpful around the house. He’ll often put his dirty clothes in the hamper without being asked and the other day picked up a dirty fork and went to the kitchen, opened the dishwasher, and put it in the cutlery tray before closing the dishwasher again. He loves to help clean and generally enjoys anything where he has a job. His speech is really improving–he can identify some letters and is starting to answer in word combinations instead of just one word answers. The ones off the top of my head are “all done bathtub”, “stuck, help please” (duck hap peash). He rats out those who have wronged him. Unbelievably, Andy isn’t too much of a fan of having an audience while taking care of business. He booted Eli out of the bathroom today and Eli came in here crying and turned and pointed at the door: “DAHDAAAAAH!!” When he’s tired or when he wants to go home, he’ll say “mama-dada-bubba” over and over. We think he doesn’t know the word for home so instead he just says everyone who belongs there.

I should know better than to try to update when I’m tired and sleepy. I can’t think of anything! More to come later 🙂


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