Wild Wedding Weekend

13 Jun

June and Kristen got hitched yesterday. It was really beautiful, done at Kristen’s parents’ house in Vancouver, WA. It was a pretty hectic weekend as I drove down Friday morning to help setup, etc. and all the boys came yesterday morning. They also helped set up and then Eli was the ring bearer. I think the term is pretty loose here for ring bearing since Will actually carried him and the pillow Eli was holding didn’t even have the real rings on it (Eli’s been very into throwing pillows lately so better safe than sorry). Everything went swimmingly and Eli was actually in the audience for the whole ceremony and aside from usual toddler peeps, didn’t go nuts screaming or crying or anything. Andy was a champ making sure Eli was well rested when they got there and he and Will got a suit for Will that matched their colors perfectly. I was so proud of all of the boys! Eli was a total dream most of the day and in a good mood. He got worked up a few times but about 10 or 15 minutes of quiet time upstairs to let him decompress seemed to put the good mood back. We got a lot of compliments about how well behaved and mellow he was. He sure makes us look like we know what we’re doing.

We all drove back last night after the reception (about a 3 hr drive) and promptly went into comas. I think everyone is still pretty tired. For all of Eli’s good humor yesterday, he has been a little crazy today with the cranky sobbing fits every half hour. I mean like GO TO YOUR ROOM and SIT THERE IF YOU ARE JUST GOING TO SCREAM sobbing. I figure it’s him working out what was a very busy and stimulating weekend so we’ve been trying to go a little easy on him. I’m sure he’ll be back to normal tomorrow.

Needless to say, I skipped my run today. I think that’s only the third time I’ve ever done that but I’m just beat! Eli and I went to June and Kristen’s to hang out with their cats for a while since they’re on their honeymoon and he had fun petting the cats and looking at all the fish they have. Will’s studying for the last week or so of school, Andy’s been doing some recording with his band. The weather is absolutely gorgeous and warm this weekend. I was really happy about it until I realized it was almost the middle of June and I was wearing long sleeves and a jacket three days ago. It’s supposed to be warm!! I have totally forgotten. Anyway, we’re looking at sunny skies and high 60s-low 70s all week long. I’m researching kid friendly hikes and we’re eyeing a child carrier backpack so we can start hitting the trails on the weekends.


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