I broke my ankle, y’all!

15 Jun

And that pretty much sums up this post. I broke my ankle last night at the boot camp class I take at the gym. When I fell, I saw an area in the top of my ankle disappear then pop back up and I heard a loud SNAP at the same time. Everyone ran over and I immediately went into “nothing to see here, move along” mode and kept insisting I was fine even though OUCH OUCH OWWWW WHAT WAS THAT SNAPPING NOISE. The instructor tried to convince me it was the ball I fell over that made the sound but I was pretty certain it came from my ankle. They gave me some ice, I sat there for a few minutes then insisted it was just a sprain, I’m sure I’ll be fine tomorrow and no, I don’t need any help to my car, it’s just around the corner (it was two blocks away). I hobbled to the car and then up the stairs to the apartment and then promptly boohooed to Andy once I got inside. I was still sure it was a sprain (I don’t break things!) so I sent Andy off to practice once Eli was down and then I realized how much it really hurt and how much it was starting to swell. Thankfully, Will came home and really saved me last night by cooking dinner (frozen) and bringing me food and water and ice packs and everything else. I always like that boy but I was SOOOOO thankful for him last night. I thanked Will again today for being so helpful last night and he said that he was glad to do it and that he enjoyed being able to help me so much. What a sweetie!

After a night of really no sleep (it’s not that it hurt so much, it was just uncomfortable and I was trying to keep it propped up) my mom convinced me to go to the ER. She really tends to be anti-ER so when she said I needed to get it checked, off I went. I was really surprised when they told me I broke my fibula and as soon as they left the room, of course I started crying again. I was sad for me, sad because now I’m going to be laid up at least six weeks, sad because I felt bad because Andy was missing work and was going to have to do so much work to help me, worried about having to manage a toddler and HELLO I live on the third floor! And it’s my right foot so I can’t drive and I’m the one who takes Eli to daycare. How do I even get him down the stairs in the mornings? Wah, wah, wah. My other ankle got a little banged up as well and is about baseball sized from all the hopping I’ve done on it today.

I have amazing friends. I already have had several people offer to help me out by picking me and Eli up and dropping him at daycare and driving me to work. Emily has offered to come by tomorrow to take me to daycare to pick him up. Sharron will be helping out some days as well by coming over in the morning and afternoon to drive me to go get Eli and then I’ll probably hit June up for rides to and from work. I’m taking off tomorrow but then returning to work on Thursday and I’m a little nervous about it. I’m so thankful I have so many helpful friends.

I’m a little sad that this injury is already interfering in usual Eli & Mommy routines. I can’t pick him up and walk around like I usually do and if I do want to pick him up I have to lean against something and hold him in one place. I’m on my own with him on Friday and I think I’ll do okay but I don’t know if we’ll be able to make it to Gymboree or for our usual walks. I worry about him bolting from me on a walk and not being able to catch him since he does so love trying to go into the street. I had planned for a family hike on Father’s Day and now that’s out. I even bought Andy a Kelty child carrier pack for Sunday as his present since he’s been itching to go on a hike with Eli and Will. Maybe I can find an all-terrain wheelchair?

Poor me, poor me. It’ll all work out and things will be fine. I’m worried about what this means for my running but either way, that will work out as well. I can’t do anything but accept it. I will try to make a point to enjoy the down day tomorrow, even if it is only because I’m injured 🙂


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