Disabled, temporarily.

19 Jun

Week one (almost) of disability down. I find out next Thursday if I will need surgery. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to it and if I don’t need it, hey! pleasant surprise. I’m not holding my breath over here.

I really liked my orthopedic surgeon. He didn’t give me crazy eyes when I asked about the marathon (totally within possibility although it’s hard to tell how comfortable it will be since everyone heals differently). He is as concerned about ligament damage as I am considering my usual level of activity and considers surgery to be “proactive treatment” in case there appears to be ligament damage or things don’t seem to be healing quite straight on their own. He said I can start swimming in about 3 weeks and they will start me on recumbent bikes, rowing machines, and ellipticals just as soon as possible since I want to stay in cardiovascular shape so I can pick up my running training ASAP. So pretty much it all rests on Thursday and the xray. If everything looks good Thursday, I will start some weight bearing then and a referral to PT. If I need surgery, I guess I’ll see.

To say Andy and Will have been amazing is a total understatement. They have endured every request, every “can you bring me…”, every “Eli needs….”, every everything with nary a word of complaint. At every turn they have both worked to reassure me that I’m not being a burden or a pain in the butt but they are happy to help me out. For someone who generally doesn’t do well with loss of control and who likes to do things myself, they’ve been really great. I’m completely dreading Will leaving me and going home for the summer on Wednesday. However, he deserves a fun summer and not one fetching me snacks and corralling Eli when he runs away from me.

My friends and the moms from my daycare have really stepped up to the plate to help me out. Over the past week they’ve come over and helped me out with Eli, driven Eli to daycare, or helped me pick him up since I can’t drive. Emily has been really amazing with how helpful she has been. It makes me sad to have to rely on other people but I’m so thankful I have such a good network of helpful friends.

The pictures have been nonexistent over the last week. I go back to work on Monday and although I’m looking forward to it, at the same time it seems like so much WORK. I got a knee scooter today that makes mobility much easier (although a small apartment and carpet isn’t that helpful) and it’s certainly a lot better than the crutches. I’ll try and remember the video stuff although pictures will probably be gone for a while unless I remember to tell Andy to go grab the camera.

All in all, life is good. I am lucky. This too shall pass.


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