Happy Father’s Day!

20 Jun

Happy Father’s Day to the (almost) best dad ever….Andy (beaten out only by my Daddy)!

I looooove my knee scooter. I want to name my next child Knee Scooter. At this rate, I think the kid’s name is going to be Ferber Knee Scooter Smith. Although it’s not as good as having an intact fibula (can’t run, stairs still suck, can’t drive), I was SO MUCH MORE independent today than I’ve been all week now that I’ve got the scooting down better. I was able to let Andy and Will sleep until 11 and I got up with Eli at 7. I cleaned the kitchen, put up dishes, did laundry, fed Eli, changed Eli (ON HIS CHANGING TABLE, NOT THE FLOOR FINALLY), carried Eli around, and even made eggs and blueberry muffins from scratch for Andy’s Father’s Day breakfast. I feel so much better about life in general now that I can get around some. I even have dinner (pot roast) in the oven for his Father’s Day dinner! Granted, he had to go get it but well, it’s better than a kick in the pants!

Of course, it’s the most activity I’ve had in a week so I’m pretty wiped right now. But it was so nice to feel useful again and not have to ask someone for every wee little thing. It was nice to know I can be on my own with Eli and as long as we stay home, things will be fine. So instead of having to need people here to help me out, I am thinking I really only need people to come over when I have him for a whole day so they can take him to the park or for a walk.

As poor Andy’s luck would have it, Eli’s been running a fever most of the weekend. A pretty good one, about 102 averaging with some spikes here and there. No other observable symptoms and he will go long periods without it but then it will come back. Today was particularly rough, he was totally fine all morning then it came back around 11:30 AM and he ended up sleeping on me for two hours. I was pretty bushed from all the activity so I really enjoyed the cuddle time in the recliner with him and took a nap myself. He asked to go to bed again at 5 so I put him down for an hour then he got up and went back to bed again at 7:30. My poor kid. Most of what he wanted to do today was use me as his personal chair and jungle gym and I really didn’t mind since I’ve been so useless the last week. He spent at least 4 or 5 hours today just hugging on me and sleeping. Love it!

I hope Andy had a good Father’s Day. It wasn’t the original one I planned (hiking, followed by nice dinner) but like my mom said, we won’t ever forget the broken ankle-toddler fever Father’s Day of 2010.

Tomorrow’s the first day back at work. I’m a little scared, particularly since my building isn’t knee scooter accessible so I’m going to need help anytime I leave the building. I’m sure that will basically result in never really leaving the building so I’m packing several breakfasts, snacks, and lunches to stock up the work fridge tomorrow. My good ankle swelled up again today so I’m going to have the doc recheck it Thursday although it’s semi-normal now. Thankfully Andy is off tomorrow so he can take me to and from work. Tuesday starts the complicated dance of coordinating rides to daycare and rides to work. However, I am really looking forward at doing something other than looking at this boot and thinking about ways I can bring down the entire Bosu Ball industry so that’s good.


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