New pictures up.

23 Jun

There aren’t a lot but it was what was already on the camera plus one or two I managed to take tonight. I’ve charged Andy with becoming the official picture taker for the next six weeks but since he’s already been put in charge of pretty much everything, we’ll cut him some slack.

Will went home to Shreveport today (hi Will!) and we miss him. He texted that he was eating at Chili’s and I’m pretty sure that made his world right there. Eli asked several times where he was and it about broke my heart to tell him that Bubba wasn’t going to be home for a long, long time. I think we should maybe arrange a video call with him.

This week has been hard. I wish I were one of those people who could just soldier on through and be all super chipper about everything but it’s just been hard. I keep joking that I’m in the anger stage of the 5 stages of grief and that’s pretty much it. I’m mad that I can’t move around well and I feel sorry for myself, way much more than I should. I’m sure after a few days it will pass and I will adjust and things will be fine. It’s just all very frustrating. Going back to work has been both nice and frustrating. It’s good to be out of the apartment but it’s really annoying to have to ask for so much help. My building isn’t accessible so unless I ask for help out, I’m pretty much stuck in the building all day. One of the things I like about my job is that I’m not tied to the desk but I have been this week. The weather has been beautiful and I haven’t really gotten out in it. I did go for a walk (scoot) the other day and it made my leg hurt something awful, I think it was from all the bouncing it got on the knee scooter on the sidewalks. It also made my “good” ankle swell up a lot so that makes me reluctant to be on my feet unless I really have to. If it’s nice this weekend I plan to ask Andy to take me and Eli to the park with a blanket and I can just camp out with a little picnic in view of the playground. I think that will help a lot, just to be outside. I’ve pretty much only been outside to get in or out of a car or in or out of a building and I think that has a lot to do with why I feel pretty bummed.

I have the ortho appt tomorrow to find out if I need surgery. I really hope I don’t. If I don’t, I can start weight bearing next week! I’m a little afraid of that right now, the leg has been feeling pretty stabby the last few days but it’s a step in the right direction so woohoo! If I do need it, hopefully it will be Monday and I can have the weekend to get groceries delivered and buy books and get preparations in order.

Out of all of this I just have to say again that I have wonderful friends. I have not been short of offers for assistance, offers of car rides, offers of help to take Eli to daycare, offers to do grocery shopping, anything. I continue to be amazed and humbled at how wonderful people can be and how thankful I am that I know these people. It’s about the best thing that’s come out of all of this, that I have realized yet again how awesome my friends really are. Granted, it’s only week two so I might just burn ’em out yet! But I don’t think so. It’s really some amazing stuff.

I’ll let everyone know what the doc says tomorrow. Think nonsurgical thoughts please!

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