Turning the corner

27 Jun

So no surgery on the ankle! Yay! I think that made my entire mood about this ordeal about 50,000% better since instead of having to have surgery, I am now officially ON THE MEND. And as my mom pointed out, already 2 weeks into it. Although the ortho gave me the go ahead to swim, I have decided to wait another few weeks because accidental kicks kind of scare me at this point. My leg has been a lot better today and except for one scooter wipeout (I got caught on one of Eli’s toys, tried to hop the front wheels over it, lost balance, had to land totally on my arm and shoulder to avoid coming down on my leg to catch me) it hasn’t hurt that much at all which is GREAT. As I was falling, I thought “NO! DON’T PUT YOUR HAND OUT! THEN YOU’LL BREAK YOUR WRIST!” so I sort of half caught myself on the recliner to cushion the blow. I’m paranoid now, y’all.

Andy’s at work for the next three nights and it will be okay. I’m actually looking forward to having to do all the evening stuff and whatnot around the house and feeling useful again. It’s tiring having to scoot and fling Eli over my shoulder when he’s having one of his stubborn “ohnoiwillnotbrushmyteethyoujustMAKEME” moments but I’m getting better at it. I stepped up all the upper body weight stuff so hopefully that will help.

Eli’s getting so big it’s just amazing. He understands so much these days and his vocabulary is expanding. Granted, a lot of it is toddlerese and I don’t think any of us are supposed to have any clue what he is saying or doing but he is getting a lot better at communicating his needs to us. Lately he’s gotten into this habit of wanting something, hinting he wants something, then as soon as you try to satisfy it or clarify what he wants, he goes into Whine mode. It’s really annoying, particularly since he really amps it up WHILE WE’RE TRYING TO DO WHAT HE WANTS. So about a week ago we stopped responding to him once the whining starts. Instead we just sit down until he knocks it off. Why are you going to cry while we’re asking you what you want to eat? Toddlers make absolutely no sense.

Eli rarely holds in one place very long although he does tend to park it in the chair with me a lot ever since I’ve been grounded. It’s kind of sweet that he misses me and will spend a good portion of his time playing in the chair with me. He’ll bring books and toys and we’ll sit and have fun with my leg propped up. He’s been spending a lot of time at daycare since I can’t bear the thought of him being trapped inside all day Friday with me when Andy works long shifts. It’d be so boring for Eli and he has a lot of fun at daycare so we’ve been picking up the extra Fridays until I can walk again. I miss Eli and Mommy time and I’m sure they’re wondering what happened to us at Gymboree. I can’t wait to go back, I know how much Eli likes Auna (the teacher). As soon as we get within a few blocks of Gymboree, he’ll usually starting shouting, “Auna! Auna! Auna!”

The last few days he will wake up and sit in his crib and say “Mommy, Daddy, Eli, Bubba” over and over again. It’s pretty darn cute. The other day he woke up at 5 AM and pretty much said, “mommy. mommy. mommy. mommy. mommy. Up high, down low. mommy mommmy mommmy” for about 30 minutes straight until he started complaining and we got him up. I have no idea what the “up high, down low” was but he’d stick it in every 20 or 30 mommy’s or so. It was funny.

We need to get him more toys. We’re such slackers on the toy front. I haven’t gotten him a new toy probably since Christmas and his bath toys are really sad. Fortunately we spend most of our time reading, playing with the same old toys, or outside so I don’t know if he’s noticed a difference but I need to step it up and at least get him a new toy every 4 or 5 months or so. He’s really into art so I think we’re going to (finally) pack up his bouncy seat to storage and get him an easel and also a train set for his room since he LOVES trains (choo-choo!) I admit to sort of cultivating a Thomas the Tank Engine addiction because I find it pretty amusing myself. George Carlin narrates it! How weird is that?

Last night was Parents’ Night Out and I actually got out! I got a disabled parking placard for the car which has been so nice, even in the short time I’ve had it. We went and had dinner at a little French bar with tons of small plates and nice wine then after we did some clothes shopping then on to Toy Story 3 at Northgate Mall. The theatre there is pretty new and has some really nice handicap seating so we didn’t have to worry about a line! Sometimes I think this whole broken ankle thing is actually pretty handy. I’ll still be glad when it’s healed though! It was so nice to get out. I haven’t been out other than doc appts or work so just to be able to go around town was really, really great!

On to a delicious dinner of brussels sprouts. Since I don’t have to worry about feeding any boys tonight, I can make a big plate of these alone for my dinner, they’re delicious!


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