2 Jul

It was my birthday yesterday.  Although the majority of 35 rocked (half-marathon! cute kid! great family!) the last month of it was sure pretty rough (stupid ankles!).  I’m hoping I’ll get over the next month quickly and as unswollen as possible and the rest of 36 will be great (full marathon! trip home for Christmas!  HAWAII.)  My birthday itself was low key but completely awesome.  Andy took Eli to daycare and I got to sleep in.  I got some delicious biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast, we rented a movie and watched it in the afternoon, and I got a massage in the middle of the day.  Last night he made some wonderful steaks for dinner.  You can’t ask for more!  He also got me a sweet telephoto lens for the camera.  Since I don’t get out of the apartment much, most of my pictures with the new lens really aren’t that remarkable (40 more pictures of Eli close up but since it’s a zoom lens I don’t have to leave my chair!) and about 30 pictures of airplanes that fly over our house since we’re on the flight path to SeaTac.  Hopefully in the next few days we’ll make it out and I’ll get some good ones with it.  It will definitely be put to use in Hawaii.

Eli’s vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.  He can say almost all of the words in First 100 Words and his pronounciation is ever so slightly more clear. For example, “airplane” now has a p in it “ah-pane” instead of his usual “ah-main”. For some reason, he can say the names of a lot of animals but for the most common animals he calls them by the sound they make. So dogs are “foofs” and cats are “meows”. Not quite sure for the reasoning behind that. We bought him some foam swords last weekend (sort of rethinking that one now) and we’ve spent a lot time explaining that you don’t strike an unarmed opponent. He’s getting ever so slightly more tolerant of my mobility limitations. These days he’ll tell you when he’s pooped although he’s still working out the difference between poops and toots. He’ll announce that he’s pooped quite often and there’s nothing there.

He’s babbling CONSTANTLY to himself. He’s back to playing in his crib for quite a while after he wakes up. He’ll lie there and sing to himself or talk to Teddy and Goats for about half an hour before he starts calling to be picked up. Because of a changing work schedule and my ankle, he was at daycare all five days this week. I think it really took it out of him because he seemed both tired and cranky the last few days. June has been driving him to and from daycare on days Andy can’t do it and Eli is totally fine with this. This morning he walked straight up to her when she came in and said, “Up, Tante!” (Tante is Norweigian for aunt) When she dropped him off, he gave her a big kiss and hug and said, “Bye-bye, Tante!” He is definitely the most comfortable with her and doesn’t mind leaving with her. I need to slip him some extra cookies for the kissing and hugging because that’s the kind of stuff that keeps June happy to give him rides all the time 😉

I’m feeling kind of bad about the lack of new toys so I think we’re going to hit the toy store tomorrow and pick up a few things that have been such a hit at daycare–train sets, a trio set, etc. He really likes toys he can manipulate and use to build things. Of course he likes trucks and trains–he’s a boy after all. We’ve already had a slight Thomas the Tank Engine invasion here with some bath toys but I suspect it’s just the beginning. We’ll go through and find the toys he never plays with any more and donate those so we don’t get overrun with toys.

Looking forward to the 4th–Andy works a 12 hr that day and it’s my first whole day alone with Eli. I’m a little scared about that but my friend is coming over at 11 that morning to help me take him outside for a walk to the park. I don’t want to have him stuck inside all day long! Hopefully that one outing will get him through until Andy gets off work and can take him for another walk before bedtime. We usually can see the larger fireworks from both firework shows (Lake Union and Elliott Bay) from our living room balcony. HELLO TELEPHOTO LENS! Super excited about getting to try it out.

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