My birthdate was in 1974. Not yesterday.

5 Jul

Tonight we told Eli after his bath we would read him one book and then it was bedtime. Although he is generally a fan of bedtime in general and 99.9% of the time goes down with nary a peep, he has started some rather amusing stalling techniques. There’s been the “Oh, I didn’t hear you, what did you say?” outright ignoring tactic, the “Oh! Look at this toy over here!” tactic, the “OMG I’m starving I didn’t eat enough you can’t handle the idea of me going to bed hungry so please give me more food and once you do I will act completely disinterested until you try to put me to bed again, in which case my hunger will reemerge” tactic. I sometimes fall for the food one and I can’t really explain why other than some days the kid eats little more than air and four goldfish crackers and it just seems like I should pump as much food into him as possible. The other ones, not so much. So we were about to put him down and after his bath he dutifully brought a book to me and sat on my lap as I read it and I reminded him that once the book was done, bedtime. We got to the next to last page then he would grab the book from me and flip it all the way back to the beginning. OH. So if the book NEVER ends, then he can just stay up and I’ll just never know what happened to that hungry caterpillar and I’ll always wonder. I let him slide once because I thought it was cute then shut him down and we fast forwarded to butterfly status when he tried to do it again.

So darn cute though. Love that kid.

He ran a fever most of the weekend. He ran about 100, 101 most of yesterday and since he seemed totally fine otherwise (maybe a wee bit more tired) I just let him run it. Andy was working a 12 hr shift so my friend Christine came over and we took Eli for a walk. He’s only met her once or twice and usually when there were lots of other people about so I although I was sure he’d be fine, I thought it might take some warming up. Well, she’s got the kid juju because I think Eli was over me about .5 seconds after she walked in the door. I had told him that when she came over we’d go for a walk and he wanted her to pick him up and take him away almost instantly. Several times on our walk he’d ask to hold her hand and then lead her away from me. He’d turn and yell, “Bye bye, mama!” and try to lead her off somewhere else. WHATEVER, KID.

Christine had her hands full following him places my scooter wouldn’t go and he kept asking her to carry him. She read him books once we got back home and if she didn’t already have his heart, that sure did it. I put him down for his nap and he slept for 3 1/2 hours (fever, I think. Usually naps are more like 2). Once he got up he asked for “kishtine” a few times but I reminded him who’s boss. Sure, I might have done it with a few bribery crackers but whatever it takes! I feel like he’s trying to trade me in for mother models that can walk. Ah, well. I’m so happy he’s comfortable with new people, blah blah blah.

Today the fever got around the mid 102s so we played it relatively low key. He still seemed fine although he took his nap 2 hours early. He ended up falling asleep with me on the sofa for two hours and I’ll never complain about hours and hours of having my face smushed up against that sweet smelling head and feeling him all heavy and sweaty while lying at my side. Of course, he was lying on an awkward part of my shoulder so my arm went numb after about 30 minutes and I couldn’t totally fit on the couch so I couldn’t sleep very well since I felt like I was constantly about to fall off but AH! it was heaven. I’d do it any day. Once I couldn’t take it anymore (I had to pee) Andy came and picked him up and he finished off his nap on Daddy. It was great that we all got our cuddling in.

After nap we started some apartment organizing, toys got moved into the dining area, bookshelves got cleaned out with a lot of books going to Goodwill (look away, Daddy!) to make room to store Eli’s toys since they are starting to overrun the living room. Then Andy took Eli for a walk to the grocery store to get dinner and now Eli’s down for the night and we’re about to eat. It was a great weekend, truly.

I have a ton of pictures to post and I’ve lost the camera cord. As soon as I can find it, they’ll go up.


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