20 month stats

9 Jul

Height/Length: 35 1/4 inches (95%)
Weight: 32 lbs 5 oz (95%)
Head circumference: 51 1/2 cm (> 95%)

Big boy! Doc says we can pretty much take his height at age 2 (4 months away) and double it for his adult height. So we’re looking at at least 6’1 or 6’2″. That’s pretty much in keeping with both of our families. We asked about the frequent fevers and he didn’t seem concerned, said it’s the usual fighting off of random viruses and good for his immune system. We’re to start giving him a daily vitamin like Flintstones or something to that effect so I added those to our grocery delivery for tomorrow.

Since I broke my ankle, I’ve been using Amazon Fresh for grocery delivery and I just absolutely love it. It’s rare that I cannot find a product I want and the vegetables are super fresh. They’ve got a wide range of organic produce and you can also specify the ripeness of things like avocados. I haven’t noticed a difference in price between them and our usual market (which does tend a bit on the pricey side) and if you order over $125, the delivery is free. I figured that doing a big delivery of groceries on Saturdays would save Andy from having to do a big grocery shop with Eli in tow (or worse, me in those awful carts in the store) but I think I might continue to use it for the big buys once I can walk. I think even if it’s a bit more expensive it ends up saving us money since it forces me to meal plan and stops us from hitting the grocery store almost daily after work when we inevitably end up buying a lot more than what we need. I’ve been really pleased with it and I hope it makes this whole ankle business a little easier for Andy to bear.

We’ve had a bit of a heat wave in Seattle (95 yesterday, 90 today and two days ago) and Andy and I broke down and bought another air conditioner. I moved the small one we had in the living room into Eli’s room to make sure he would sleep okay last night. That means I sacrificed air conditioning to make sure Eli would sleep well–I must be growing up! All that parental sacrifice! Andy went today and bought it and let me just say, we would have a different air conditioner had I gone. It cost what I am sure is the GDP of a small country and it’s HUGE. He spent most of today installing it and well, I’ll shut up now because it’s hot outside and I am in my living room and I think I need a blanket. It’s pretty sweet. I was hoping it’d be powerful enough to cool off our bedroom as well but it doesn’t seem to be quite that powerful. I’ll probably go back to turning it off and opening everything back up once the sun goes down since it’ll cool down a lot. We debated renting the portable again this year but I wasn’t all that impressed with it. Also, if we rented it for two months we’d have paid for the one we got today and that didn’t make a lot of sense. We can also take this with us when we move so it just seemed to make sense to get a second. I don’t like sweating if I’m not working out. I’m scarred by Louisiana heat.

My doc okayed some light weight bearing on my ankle–basically, he told me to get the crutches back out and do a three point walk. I hate the crutches and they’re really inconvenient. I’ve been walking a bit on my ankle without them but only for very, very short distances and still using my scooter all the time. I’m surprised that it doesn’t hurt to walk on my leg at all but I am staying aware that it doesn’t hurt because I haven’t been walking on it so I’m being careful not to overdo it (I’m trying to avoid some emails from my mother with that last sentence). It’s so nice to walk even three feet without the scooter! It’s made me feel much more hopeful about all of this. He said he didn’t really see any healing on my xray yesterday but that it wasn’t unusual and some weight bearing promotes healing. I go back in three weeks and if everything looks good, I’ll get an air cast that I can actually wear a normal shoe over! At that point he expects me to start walking mostly although he’s not making any guarantees about how comfortable it will be. I asked again about my other ankle since it’s in a perpetual state of swollen and hurts at times and he didn’t really want to discuss it. He basically said we need to deal with the broken one and then we’ll address the other since it’s not really anything we can fix right now. The x-ray tech kept telling me all these horror stories about how I should be really worried about it because I’ll have trouble forever from that one. Who is this guy! If my mom wasn’t a tech and hadn’t had all the ankle issues she’s had and therefore told me about what to expect already, he would have really freaked me out.

I still can’t find the camera cord and I’ve searched for it as much as a woman with a bum leg can. To add insult to injury, Andy suggested I use his card reader instead since we have a lot of pictures I want to upload and now we can’t find THAT. It feels like the universe is trying to subvert my will.

That’s the update for now. Since I’m unable to do anything picture wise, I’m trying to take more videos. Enjoy some bath time blabbing:

And some insane giggling with Daddy:


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