No brain at all.

11 Jul

Just a few videos, one from 4th of July to give y’all perspective of where we live in town. The 4th of July fireworks are now done only on Lake Union instead of both Lake Union and Elliott Bay. Although we were able to see the larger explosions from both, Seattle stopped the Elliott Bay show two years ago. We can see the majority of the Lake Union show quite well from the balcony off of our living room and it’s one of the things I’ll really miss once we buy a house (since we’ll be living in the ‘burbs due to housing costs). The New Years fireworks show is always done off the Space Needle which we can also see from our balcony but since the wind tends to be southernly at that point, it usually isn’t that impressive. Since Andy got the telephoto this year, we managed to get some shots of the fireworks although the pictures really only point out the need for us to buy a tripod.

The rest are just life over the last few weeks, parks and whatnot. June and Kristen took Eli and I to Discovery Park beach today since my disabled placard let us park really close to the actual beach. Otherwise we would have had to park and walk about 200 steps down to it. I coated myself in sunscreen because although it wasn’t that hot, the sun was out. About 10 minutes into relaxing on my beach chair I decided to take my boot off and roll up the legs of my jeans. NOT SMART. I also forgot to put sunscreen on my legs although I used it everywhere else. This evening I kept complaining that my boot was uncomfortable and I thought I had sand in it (which I did). Needless to say, the front of both of my legs are totally burned. Who breaks an ankle and then manages to sunburn the exact part of your leg you have to ride on? ME. THAT’S WHO.

Ah, well. Live and learn.


Glorious beach day, stupid sunburn:


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