Of Ankles and Infection

13 Jul

Oh, I’m coming down with something, I just know it. I only get this raspy feeling in my chest when I’m Really Going To Catch Something, it only happens every two years or so. It completely trumps my whole mind over matter philosophy because I’ve never been able to have this certain thing happen and not get sick. Maybe my immune system is kabluie because of stress? Physical injury? A stupid ankle and a stupid sunburn?

The sunburn is finally better today thanks to Advil. The left leg is fine, still quite pink but not painful at all. The right is still pretty bad but I wore my boot for most of the work day with no real pain. I ended up taking yesterday off because my leg hurt that much. It felt like there were needles all over my shin and it felt like the bone hurt. There was no way I could wear the boot and an attempt to wrap my leg to see if I could wear the boot resulted in a little sobbing episode because of the pain. It hurt to spray Solarcaine on it. It hurt way, way worse than breaking it. Anyhoo, it’s better today. Annoying but better.

So, I totally used my blog for some self-indulgent whining. I feel better! To placate you, I give you some videos:


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