24 Jul

Fun playing in the water on a hot day:

You have to listen closely to what Andy asks to get this one:

Everything is great here. We have had (so far) a very busy weekend. Yesterday, Andy accompanied Eli and his daycare friends to the aquarium and then lunch on the pier downtown. I wanted to go but considering they were taking the Metro downtown and my mobility issues, I decided to skip it. They had a GREAT time. Eli was returned to me in a rather exhausted state and had to finally be woken up after a 3 hour and 15 minute nap. Mind you, he only went to bed a half hour later than usual last night. That is one partied out kid. After he got up from his nap, we all went to the Ballard Commons, a small park with an in-ground fountain and skate bowl that’s about 10 blocks from our house in the middle of old Ballard. We ran some errands, took Eli to the fountains to play in the water, then changed his clothes and went out to eat. Man, I LOVE living in town. I will miss this so much when we move to the burbs. Granted, we drove the 10 blocks last night because it’s really just to far to go on my scooter but it’s so awesome to have so much so close.

Today was another busy day. I let Andy sleep in (trading off weekend days to sleep in is a wonderful thing) and then he and Eli went to the grocery store and we made a big breakfast. Once Eli got up from his afternoon nap, we went to a BBQ at some old friends’ house (I used to work with them, two former case managers who met in my program and got married, aaah love at the mental health center). It was great! They had a TON of food and Eli gorged himself nonstop. Eli ate a ton–cherry tomatoes, fruit, potato salad, cheese, crackers, chicken, and I have no idea what else. Everybody was giving him bites to eat. He also managed to stuff a cherry into his mouth and despite our attempts to get it out, he swallowed the pit. We marked the time (about 5:30 PM) to see how long it would take before it reappears. They really put out an amazing spread and Eli was an absolute dream, all shmoozing the ladies and playing with blocks with the guys. A friend had their 6 month old there and Eli had a lot of fun with “the baby” by showing him how to stack blocks and knock them down. The six month old made me nostalgic for Eli’s infancy for about .5 seconds before his parents started asking me about sleep issues and then I was very glad to have a solid sleeping toddler. Eli had two wee meltdowns which were quickly remedied by whisking him away from everyone and having a talk about what was going on. After the talk he rejoined the group and was a total dream, all hugs and smiles and cute toddler games.

We’ve found that most of Eli’s meltdowns really do seem to be solved by having a talk about them. Usually if you can remove him from whatever is frustrating and have a chat–here’s why you can’t do X and this is why I won’t let you, he’ll usually calm down and say, “Otay”. Last week when I was washing windows, he wanted nothing more than to be able to carry the bottle of windex and squirt it everywhere. He’s not that good at it though and was angry I only let him carry a cloth to help me clean the windows once I squirted it on there. He got very angry and tried to hit me so I sent him to his room for a time out. After a few minutes I went to his room and sat down with him and explained that Windex isn’t good for him and not safe so I couldn’t let him play with it but if I can let him help with stuff, I certainly will, just not if it might hurt him. He sat for a second a cried then looked and said, “OTAY!” and he was fine after that. Granted, I didn’t try pulling the windex out again but there were no further issues about wanting it. Sometimes I really feel that for almost two, he’s a pretty reasonable kid. Again, I think I just hit the jackpot. I think parenting here counts for a small part. He’s just a sweetie.

Tomorrow will be a relatively mellow day, we bought Eli some swim diapers so we are going to take him to the big wading pool at Greenlake for the big outdoor activity. I have a grocery delivery coming in the morning so we’ll be stocked up for the week. Andy is out tonight with friends and I hope he is having fun. He seems to feel such guilt about going out with his friends but he does it so rarely that I sort of harass him into going. He hasn’t had band practice in several weeks and with a toddler and broken ankled-fiancee, he needs his downtime! I hope he has a great time. He kept asking if I was SURE if it was okay and I reminded him that he said I could sleep in so as long as that sticks, I’m totally fine. All I have on my agenda is some popcorn and maybe a chick flick so that night sounds great to me. I’ve been walking on my ankle WAY TOO MUCH so I need to take it easy. My ankle doesn’t hurt at all but I just know I’m probably overdoing it so I’ll take my opportunity to be lazy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

ETA: I doubt anyone will need this but my mom asked me recently so I thought I would post. Eli continues to grow by leaps and bounds. He wears a size 7 (wide) shoe, I’m buying shirts that are 2T or 3T although his pants are still 24 months or 2T (although we will still need to roll them up a bit since his legs are really 18 mos length). This is a kid who is aaaalllll torso and short legs.


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  1. Lolli July 25, 2010 at 4:28 pm #

    I hope he got a cracker. It’s very clear he deserves one.

  2. Erin July 28, 2010 at 8:55 pm #

    He got four. Great day for that kid.

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