Need vacation.

2 Aug

Lots going on here, in the sort of way that things seem very hectic but if anyone were to ask me what’s been going on lately, there’d probably be an “oh, not much” sort of reply. I’m going to resort to the bullet post because I really have no effort to even try to form the not quite semi-coherent paragraphs I normally write and let’s not even discuss my now almost two year old ability to write entire posts without any organizational ability. Ahem:

–Andy is on Eli to try to enunciate better (I’m all what? He’s TWO. Have fun with your pointless exercise, man) and the other day Eli was asking “Muh peash?” which means milk, please. Andy sat down and worked with him trying to get him to say the K sound although the closest Eli could come was a T. Now he calls every thing with a K or hard C sound with a T. So now milk is mut, book is but, cat is tat, etc. It’s pretty funny when he wants you to read a but. But! But! But! He’ll also say the first half fairly soft but then really emphasize the T as Andy was saying to him–Andy would say “Mil-KAH”! So now Eli says “muh-TAH”. It’s pretty funny.

–I got the go ahead for walking with reckless, reckless abandon! on Thursday. Not really, I was told to walk with the Vader boot for another week or so and then I could switch to the air cast. Or hey, if I wanted to switch earlier that was fine, etc. they were very vague about all of it. They said the films looked fine and I have to go back in a month.

–I drove for the first time today. It was the foggiest I’ve seen in a long time this morning which didn’t really make me excited to drive but it was fine. I was slow all morning getting Eli ready and wore the boot for most of the day at work. I wore the aircast the other night when Andy and I went out and my ankle kind of ached so I was nervous to wear it the whole day.

–Eli has returned to his hitting phase. He doesn’t really hit us that much but apparently at daycare he’s got days where he’s just a little Rocky looking for his opponent. He seems to mostly target his frenemy, Harbour. If you ask him he’ll say Harbour hits him as well but that’s Eli just saying “yeah” to most anything and it’s hard to know what actually is going on. I’ve had chats with him DAILY about not hitting people and it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Like I said, he’s not really acting up here.

–when you put him in bed, he’ll often say, “I love Mommy, I love Daddy” until you walk out of the room. You have to respond, “I love Eli” then he’ll say his part, then you say yours, etc. Mind you, if you are overwhelmed by the sweetness of it and stay in the room so he’ll do it endlessly, it doesn’t work. I know from experience.

–his words are just EXPLODING. Every day there’s one he’ll just say as if it’s very casual and he’s been saying it forever. It’s so crazy to watch him finally be able to say words he’s obviously known for quite some time and how quickly he picks them up. I read somewhere that on some days they can pick up more than a word every 90 minutes.

–Eli faceplanted in some dog poop on his walk outside yesterday. It was sad stuff. Andy brought him straight home (eewww) and tossed him in the tub and Eli just kept rubbing his hands together in the bubbles saying, “nasty, nasty” over and over. This is how OCD starts, I think. Needless to say, Andy is now a one man scoop your poop mission for the neighborhood. He swore yesterday he would start accosting dog owners on their walks to make sure they had poop bags. I think he was just as scarred as Eli was.

–23 days until Hawaii, 21 until my parents visit. Andy’s been working CRAZY overtime and after this weekend he starts a set of 15 days straight. Ugh. We’re hoping to go on a quick overnight camp this Saturday but I’m beginning to lose hope that we’ll be able to find an open spot unless we got to the Peninsula. I guess we’ll see what happens.


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