Weekend wrap up.

8 Aug

Mo watah!

Read me a buTAH.

Where has this weekend gone? I don’t think I can even really remember Friday. The last week has been busy, Andy starts his long string of shifts on Monday (although he is taking two days off next weekend to go camping with the boys). Friday Eli and I returned to Gymboree where Eli proceeded to hide and blush anytime the teacher (Auna) directly addressed him despite the last two weeks of Eli asking, “Teacher Auna? Teacher Auna?” He really likes her. So he went into ultra-shy mode for the first 20 minutes or so of music class then he was mostly fine, just still a little coy.

Yesterday Eli and Andy went to the daycare to work on the yard. They’re shooting for sort of a cooperative sort of thing here so we said we’d pitch in with yard maintenance and we’re also building each kid his own p-patch to grow vegetables and whatnot. My ankle’s been a lot better but the front of my ankle gets some really nasty sharp pains and yesterday it hurt to walk and it hurt driving home from Emily’s Friday night. I bowed out of the gardening since I was a little worried. Our dryer broke over a week ago (finally getting fixed tomorrow OH THANK GOD) so I instead loaded up some baskets and went to the laundromat to get some clothes done.

Last night after nap we were supposed to go to Olympia to visit Tim and Jocelyn since he is in town. However, Eli woke up with a fever (101) and we didn’t want to chance it so we decided to stay home. As usual, he seemed mostly fine, went to bed a wee bit early but his mood was good. Since we bowed out of last night we got up early this morning and met them at North Bay beach near Allyn, WA a bit before low tide. Eli’s (and mine too) first clam digging adventure! After about 10 minutes he really had fun although every once in a while the mud would freak him out by trapping his boots. We got a good haul, I think we maxed out the limit you can take. I have no idea what to do with all these clams now. I guess we’ll figure it out. We then went and had lunch with Tim and Jocelyn before we all split up to head home. It was a great time! Eli was in a coma on the way home and it was all I could do not to pass out with him. His head felt a bit hot again tonight so I gave him some Motrin and put him to bed early. He could use the extra rest!

I didn’t have the big camera on the beach with me because the mud was a little tricky and I was afraid of wiping out with it. I did take some iPhone pictures and they’re on my facebook. I also have some videos I need to upload, I totally forgot I took some at the beach. Have a good Monday!


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