Happy and exhausted.

14 Aug

Andy’s brother Tim has a blog and wrote a post about the clam digging that is much better than mine:

The happy anachronism

Just put Eli down for the night. Andy is off camping with the boys and according to his report this morning (they left last evening) he’s having a great time and he thanked me for basically forcing him to go. I’m glad he’s having fun. It’s my last weekend of quiet before a few weeks of a lot of activity–Will is coming home Tuesday (yay!), my parents come in town next weekend (yayyay!) and Andy and I go on vacation in a week and a half (YAY OM ). I’ve enjoyed the chance for Eli and I to have some one on one time before the vacation as well as the chance to show him that I can walk around again and I am Super Fun, so he doesn’t need to ditch me for those mobile women after all.

Yesterday morning we went to Gymboree. Eli went into ultra-shy mode again and we also received the news that Auna (the teacher Eli LOVES) is going to be switching days she teaches. She’ll be moving to Tuesdays and there’s just no way we’ll be able to go. We know the teacher taking over his class but I’ve never been too crazy about her, not that she’s done anything wrong, it’s just that Auna is AWESOME. I’m seriously considering pulling him out of Gymboree altogether. The main reason we started him in it was so he’d be around other kids and now he gets plenty of that at daycare. The main reason we kept him in it was because of Auna–we even moved classes just to stay in hers. I need to talk to Andy about it.

When we left to go to Gymboree, my car was hard to start. It made this weird woh-woh-woh sound and took several tries before it started. Sounded like it had no juice. I drove it around a bit so if it was the battery it would charge a little. It was slow to start after Gymboree so I drove to the Goodyear and my battery was pretty much dust. I left it there since it needed an oil change too and Eli and I walked home. They called two hours later and had a really insane estimate of all these repairs I need. It came out to about two thousand dollars. None of the repairs are urgent and none of them are car life or death, they’re mostly just struts and “well, this is looking worn, you should replace it” sorts of things. My struts are shot and they’re the most expensive item. Seeing as how my car is really only driven to and from Andy’s work (about a mile), I don’t think we’ll get any of it fixed. The blue book on it is only about $4000 and we were planning on replacing it anyway once Andy’s is paid off so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to sink money into it. After the battery replacement, it seemed better but then today was hard to start again. I started really worrying until I saw I HAD NO GAS. Sadly, this took about three car trips before I noticed. No brain, I tell you.

Eli took a 2.5 hour nap yesterday (I had to wake him up). Then we went to Salmon Bay Park for about an hour. Fing! Fide! (Swing! Slide!) Eli swung and slid his little heart out then we went on a long walk. We went to the grocery store for dinner fixins (goshies! goshies!) and came home. Mike (My-tah! The TAH sound replaces any “k” in his vocabulary) came and cooked dinner and Eli went down at the usual time. About two hours later he woke up a few times and screamed and cried but usually only for a few seconds. He looked like he was having a hard time settling. It’s unusual for him to wake up that early these days. Mike left about 10, I stayed up entirely too late reading (about 12:30). I figured hey, I’ll be tired but it’ll be a good six hour block of sleep at least.


Eli woke up at 2:30 AM and all I remember is thinking he was being killed. I can’t even describe the screaming, sobbing, and shrieking. He kept screaming “Mommy!” and sounded absolutely terrified. We usually have a no going in there policy once he goes down (unless he’s sick) but there was no way I was ignoring this. I ran in there and picked him up and he immediately put his head down on my shoulder and he was totally quiet. I put him in my bed and he was just completely out of it. He had his eyes open but didn’t talk. He was absolutely silent but didn’t move. He had one arm sort of just in the air stuck there and I pushed it down on the bed and he didn’t even react. We sat there for about 20 minutes then he finally just LOOKED at me and he seemed more alert. I asked if he wanted to go back to Teddy and Goats and he said yes. So I went and put him back in his crib. Once I shut the door he cried for about another minute then went to sleep. Then he woke up screaming at 3:30, 4:45, 5:30. I never got up since he went quiet again each time after only a minute or two and the screaming was just not as scary as it had been before. Each time when I thought “ok, if this goes on for 30 more seconds, I’m going in there” he’d go back to sleep.

I have no idea what it was. From googling I think it was a night terror and it seems to happen when they’re overtired. It also seems to happen from sleep deprivation but this kid is a champion sleeper and has taken 2+ hr naps all week at daycare so he’s certainly not deprived. It was just terrifying, I think the memory of those screams are going to be in my head for a few days. My poor boy. He seems totally fine today, by the way.

So because of that I decided to take it easy today. He didn’t seem tired from his night of poor sleep (oh, to be 2 again) so we went to the wading pool. Pretty much as soon as we got there things went downhill. He had a meltdown because he saw the slides and I was trying to get him to the pool. Then we had to stop on the walk to the pool several times bc he wouldn’t ride in the stroller, he only wanted me to carry him. Finally I just sat down on some grass with him and we people watched while he calmed down. Once we did get to the pool he was just out of it, staring blankly and just kind of walking around. I apologized to my friend Christine and loaded him back up and headed back to the car. He was out before I made it there, slept during the change in and out of the car seat, nodded off repeatedly while I had him on the changing table to put him in dry clothes, and immediately went into bed. He slept 3 hours. He was fine all afternoon, just an absolute joy. I put him to bed a little early tonight and he passed right out.

For as horrible as all of that sounds, he’s been AWESOME all weekend. A little hitty and kicky here and there and certainly some general two-ishness but man oh man am I ever just so blessed to have this boy. We’ve read lots of books, we’ve played legos, we’ve baked cookies, we’ve colored, we’ve made up silly songs, we’ve watched tv together. He sits next to me in the recliner and we watch football together and he holds my hand while we watch television. Sometimes the fortune is just almost too much. I’ve had so much fun with my boy. He tells me he loves me, unprompted. He’ll come up and give me hugs out of nowhere and say “Eli yuv Mommy”. I’m about to burst!

Other new things:

Futbah! (yelled repeatedly during games)
Bahketbah (pretty obvious although I have no idea where he would have picked this up. We drove past some courts yesterday on the way to the park and he started yelling it. Thinking my mom has mind control powers)
Noise. He says this one quite clearly.
NO WAY! (also very clear)
He also pretty much knows the name of everything in the apartment, he knows the difference between rooms, hallway, kitchen, decks, etc. He’s started making up songs. He thinks things that don’t make sense are funny (the cat says moo!). He can imagine! We’ll be in the grocery cart and he’ll pretend we’re a race car and make Vroom! vroom! sounds. He loves his sunglasses. He loves putting on sunscreen and lotion and scrubbing himself in the bath. He loves taking a cloth and dusting (YAY). He asks “what’s that?” CONSTANTLY and he’ll remember what you tell him and use the proper word for things after that.

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