Dazed and confused

21 Aug

Mostly just absolutely unbelievably neverendingly exhausted. Andy’s long string of working, his camping trip, my parents’ impending arrival, our impending (yay!) trip, Will’s return, work work work, general house deep-cleaning, and usual care and maintenance of an almost two year old has left me POOPED. I’ve spent the last few days getting the apartment ready, nothing will make you clean like house guests! Will was a great help with the cleaning and once the glow of “oh my gosh he’s so helpful” wore off, I began to wonder if he was secretly replaced with a Will look-a-like while in Shreveport. Granted, the boy does his chores and generally will help out but historically it’s been in the “You have to ask me to do it” or “I’ll do it but you’ll have to ask me for two days and issue near constant reminders and eventually threaten loss of a limb” or “Once I’m done with Xbox, I’ll stare at the wall for an hour then I’ll do it” sort of way. Maybe it was homesickness but WOW what a great day Eli, Will, and I had yesterday. It was just fun to have him around and I realized yet again what a great help he is with Eli, I think I had forgotten some. He did all his laundry, cleaned his closet, cleaned his bathroom, emptied the dishwasher (because he saw it was full and clean–NO ASKING!), and even let me drop him at the laundromat for an hour to wash all of our bedspreads.

He was also great with Eli and seems to really enjoy all of this talking Eli is doing lately. Eli constantly asks, “(name of person) doing?” as in “What is Mommy doing?” even when you’re just sitting there. If you don’t answer, he’ll just repeat himself until he is satisfied. He’s been asking “Bubba doing?” pretty much constantly since Will got home. He asks Will constantly what he’s doing, even when he’s just sitting there on the couch. Will seems baffled by it but I think Eli’s just trying to engage Will in conversation and get some of his attention. Will got a little tired of it today so when Eli asked, “Bubba doing?” Will responded “Eli doing?” and the back and forth ensued for TEN MINUTES, complete with various vocal inflections, loud and soft, and sing song. Eventually I said, “Mommy is about to go stinking insane, that’s what Mommy’s doing” and they stopped. Jeeeez. Annoying but still pretty darn cute.

Eli woke up snorky today. I thought he seemed a little sniffly yesterday but this morning when I was changing him after he woke up he sneezed and SNOT EXPLOSION! everywhere. All over his shirt, the lower part of his face and of course then he starts rubbing his face and smears it everywhere, all in his hair, etc. We did some nose sucking after that and it was a mild runny nose after that. He seemed about 80% fine and 20% tragedy baby, just lying on the ground, writhing and moaning. We went and worked at the fundraising garage sale at his daycare and he was a total gem and they commented several times on how docile he was (he seemed normal to me which makes me wonder if he’s usually a maniac). He was fine until it was time to go and then he ran two yards away from me which required my gimpy running to catch him and then when I picked him up he promptly started slapping me in the face and screaming like I was killing him. Awesome! I grabbed his arms with one hand and murmured some death threats so the daycare people couldn’t hear and he screamed all the way and I strapped him in his car seat. He was screaming “TRON! (Veronica, who goes by Vron to the little kids) and “NINI! (Nicolie)” over and over. Once I got in the car and started driving, he was back to all sweetness and light. He was fine the rest of the morning, ate a huge lunch and started his nap about 45 minutes early. His nap wasn’t great since the stuffiness kept waking him up but he got about 2 hrs. They also had Parents’ Night Out at his daycare and he had no fever and he said he wanted to go so I dropped him off about two hours ago. Andy doesn’t get off until later tonight but it is so nice just to sit here (with the sun still out) and have some downtime.

It’s so sad, it’s one of our date nights and really all I want to do is sit in this chair and not move. We planned to do some shopping as I need another bathing suit. However, I don’t know how Andy is going to peel me out of this chair when he gets home. I’m so tired. My parents get here around 1 tomorrow and I’m wondering how rude it will be to say, “here’s your grandchild! I’m taking a nap!” because right now I feel like I could sleep for about 20 hours. I’m sure after some sleep tonight I’ll be fine and a good bit of shopping never hurt anyone!

Tragedy baby:


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