Kauai, Day 2

27 Aug

Ok, maybe I will post every day. Today I learned that a bad day on Kauai is still a pretty good day. We slept in and made breakfast. We set out to Kapa’a for some tourist shopping about 11:30. We walked up and down the strip in Kapa’a and bought all sorts of neat stuff. My favorite thing so far is a silver pineapple necklace. While I was pregnant, I ate A LOT of pineapple and I’d never really been into it before. We always joke that Eli is made of pineapple and root beer so when I saw a lovely little pineapple necklace, I had to have it. We bought some other lovelies, I got a cute swim suit, we bought obligatory Hawaiian clothes (dress for me, shirts for Andy and a little shirt/short set for Eli–not sure if Will would want one so I’ve texted him to ask–NO REPLY yet). We had loaded up the jeep earlier in the day to go boogey boarding so we went and had lunch then hit the convenience store for mai tai fixin’s (Andy is obsessed with making them) and then on to the beach.

BAD IDEA. BAD. BAD. Once we got in the car, I couldn’t find my water bottle. I knew I had it and knew I heard this ker-thunk sound when we started and I thought my bottle had slid off the seat. I couldn’t find it in the jeep. We got to the beach and I got out and took some pictures and the screen on the camera was all messed up. I took five or six pictures before I realized that it wasn’t a fluke, the screen showed nothing but blur and lines, the camera was BROKEN. I started yelling to Andy like it was a human life in jeopardy and he came over and looked at it. Later, we found my water bottle under the back seat and we guessed that it slid off the middle console and hit the LCD screen and cracked it. The camera works fine, you just can’t use the LCD anymore. It’s like we’re living in the dark ages since we can’t see our pictures instantly. Ha! Kidding. Once I realized the camera still worked, I was fine. We’ll get it fixed. No big deal. I had a vision of our Kauai trip immortalized with cheap disposable cameras and I wanted to cry. All is good.

We put the camera in the car and on with the boogey boarding. It’s hard! And it kind of sucks. And salt water is not really my friend, especially not being shoved in my face and eyes. Parts of it were fun but we were on a hard stretch of beach and my ankle was getting a work out bracing against constant waves. We opted to move to a “more gentle” part of the beach where the little kids were so we could figure out how to do it without getting hammered. About 2 minutes in, I had caught one or two decent waves then when I was going back out I tried to jump over and ride a wave and I don’t know what happened. It was more shallow than I thought and the wave also came on top of me and drilled me into the ground and I felt a sharp pain IN MY ANKLE. AWESOME. It wasn’t in the break (thank goodness) but rather the tendon/ligament/whatever that’s been giving me the most of my trouble when I walk. They said that tendon was really tight from the boot and it needed to loosen up in physical therapy. I feel like it got loosened up all at once when that wave nailed me. I limped out of the water and watched Andy for a while, then he got out and I limped to the car. It’s been wrapped (and we iced it and raised it) for several hours now and it’s swollen on the front but it feels mostly okay. No real pain, just my entire ankle is very tight.


So we have the sail/snorkel in the morning which should be fine. I’ve put the ATV trip in the air depending on how my ankle is, we might see tomorrow if we can switch to a two seater so Andy can drive if my ankle is giving me problems. All in all, it continues to be WAY FUN and wow, I love Kauai. I never envisioned being much of a beach person but this island has made me one! I am enjoying every last second of it, even when I’m sitting with my ankle wrapped and iced I’m doing it on a deck with waves crashing before me!

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