The End of Vacation. sigh.

6 Sep

What a great vacation! I return to work tomorrow and I’ve heard I have a subpoena so no doubt my schedule for the day will end up changing a good deal. I decided I will not look at work email until I actually get there and I will deal with the subpoena then–they know I’ve been out.

The rest of the trip went well–posting was largely hampered by a plug in internet connection that was pretty wonky and annoying. My ankle was fine although sore the next day, the LCD on the camera is surely busted and will need to be taken to a repair shop and also get it cleaned–all the salt kind of gunked it up a little. The ATV tour was really fun although a bit scary in some spots–rough road, steep hills, that sort of thing. The sail and snorkeling tour was by far the best touristy part of the whole trip–we went on a catamaran up the Na Pali coast and did some snorkeling. It was great fun and we had a blast! Kauai is just beautiful, just a really amazing place.

I started feeling a little anxious the last two days there since I was having the feeling that I was missing a lot of the “Kauai” sites, particularly since we couldn’t really hike at all due to my gimpy ankle. I let it go pretty quickly in favor of reading on the deck and having another mai tai. We went offroading in the Jeep and went into forest to see what was left of the gate from Jurassic Park–Andy really loved taking the Jeep on the rough roads. We spent a day or two leisurely window shopping around Hanalei and Kapaa, we ate our weight in food (seriously–I put on 6 lbs in that week and Andy put on 5 lbs–doing nothing but eating and drinking will do that to you). We had some of the most amazing fish EVER…we had butterfish, Opakapaka, shrimp, scallops, mahi mahi, and enough ahi tuna to last a lifetime (or a month or so). It was all really amazing and it was still even good the next day when I read that butterfish in large amounts causes diarrhea and vomiting. Thankfully, we had it at a tapas place so it was a small amount we shared!

It was also nice to just spend time with Andy without having to do or go or this needs to be done, what about this, etc–without the daily hassles of life. On any given day our biggest problem was putting the stupid top back up on the jeep because it looked like rain. We ended up really hating that Jeep and how impossible it was to put the top up on it. Our condo at Ali’i Kai in Princeville was AMAZING–the crashing waves were our constant background sound and just purely unbelievable views out of every single window!

I made it about four or five days before I started REALLY missing Eli–the first day or two was carefree oblivion with some looking at pictures on my phone and some mention of how cute he is–the third and fourth day was watching a lot of videos my mom sent of him saying hello to us and saying “Aloha!” (O-ha!). The fifth and sixth day was pretty much happy to still be in Kauai but also missing him something awful. The night before we left all I wanted to do was GET HOME. We’re thinking we will take a vacation with Will next summer and leave Eli with the grandparents since he’ll still be too young to really get a lot out of a vacation somewhere.

Of course, my parents did fine with Eli the whole time we were gone. The videos were cute but Eli didn’t seem too disturbed we were gone. I suspected as much and I’m happy that my boy’s never had any real separation issues. He’s been a little off since we came back–he’s glued to me and I went to the store the other day and he stayed home with Andy and when I told him I was leaving for a minute he FREAKED–but when I explained I would be “right back” he calmed down and said okay and then waved bye. He’s a tad anxious when one of us leaves which is unusual but it’s already settling back down. When we went on our trip I was clear that we would be gone a while so maybe it helps that now we’re clear when we say we’ll be only gone a short while–he knows we’ll be right back. Today he asked for Vron and Nini (Veronica and Nicolie, the women who run his daycare) and said he wanted to see them so I think he’ll be fine going back tomorrow.

We have a ton of pictures to post but they’re on Andy’s computer so I have to wait for him to upload them. He’s on nights this week so I’m hoping he has some downtime to do it tonight or tomorrow. Will starts school Wednesday (if I only had a buck for every time he declared that his senior year would be “epic”…) and I’m back to the grind tomorrow although I do have girls’ weekend in Vegas in two weeks with Wendy and Carrie, woo!

A big thank you to my parents for making this vacation a possibility and a reality. We literally could not have had nearly as good of a time (or as much of a break) without their help. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Ok, going to back up my laptop now. I think it’s going to die soon and I don’t want to lose everything I have on it. Have a great week!

Oh! Forgot–funny video from earlier tonight:


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