12 Sep

Average picture of Eli gets about 20-30 views over time. It usually peaks about a week after I post it and doesn’t add more than that. Our Hawaii pictures have on average about 2 or 3 views each! I guess I know who is looking at our pictures!

I posted some more today. We haven’t fixed the camera yet and it’s quite annoying. We’re going to deal as long as we can without fixing it because I’m guestimating it will probably run about $400 to fix it and we just got plane tickets home for Christmas. It’s not really a bad problem to have in the scheme of things, just annoying. We’ll deal.

Eli’s daycare is at capacity now so their ability to switch days with us to accommodate Andy’s schedule is pretty much nil for September. So tomorrow I am off with Eli and I’m working Friday to make up for it. Andy is on a night Friday so he’ll have to go to bed early Thursday and then nap when Eli does on Friday so he’ll get enough rest. The following week I have to miss the first half of Monday to let Andy get a few hours of sleep. The week after that, I’m in Las Vegas with Wendy and Carrie so who cares!!! Kidding, Andy already had it scheduled off because of my trip. I’m looking forward to my girls’ weekend.

Everyone is commenting upon how much Eli talks now–the kid talks NONSTOP, sometimes just repeating the same thing over and over (usually in bed or in his carseat), not really wanting any feedback, just liking the sound of his voice. I thought he was talking a lot before my parents got here and when we got back from Kauai I noticed he seemed to be talking A LOT more and the daycare noticed the same thing. I wonder if it has something to do with him needing to communicate more with my parents and so his language has just really exploded the last few weeks. He continues to be a fairly reasonable child. More often than not we can avoid a fit by explaining why he can’t do something (“You can’t throw your food on the ground because it’s not good for the animals who will come and eat it, it will make them sick.” “Okay, mommy.”) and then he’ll usually comply with you. It’s pretty weird. I still don’t expect it to last although for the most part, it seems to just be in the kid’s nature to be pretty compliant. Granted, he has his moments but don’t we all!

He asks what everything is, he can hold conversations, he can sort of tell you about his day now. He remembers things and can describe them to you. He knows the difference between letters and numbers–we have bathtub letters and numbers and he’s got about 10 letters down but is 100% on whether it’s a letter or a number–he mostly thinks every number is number 9. When I get his artwork from daycare I put it all over his room so we can talk about it. He mostly wants to me to hold him when I’m obviously busy with something else and wakes up every morning telling me to open the door by repeatedly saying, “Open, Mommy”. EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD is his within .05 seconds of him seeing you have it. “Mine! Mine!” is the music of our days right now. He insists he gets a turn with everything but doesn’t really get the concept enough to know that eventually, someone else gets a turn, too. Well, he understands that, he just really doesn’t care.

The other day when I got him up for the day, I put him on his changing table. We had our usual morning chat, how are you, did you sleep well, did you have nice dreams, etc. He looked at me and said, “Happy.” and I said, “What?” and he said, “Eli happy.”

And I died right then and there. Goodness, is there no end to the sweetness?

We took him on his fist hike today to Twin Falls. It was a (relatively) easy hike, one recommended for kids. We finally got to try out the child backpack carrier we got a week before I broke my ankle (it was a father’s day gift to Andy) and Eli LOVES it. I don’t know if Andy loves it so much any more since he had to cart Eli the whole way back but he seems like he’s in pretty good shape. Eli walked a good bit of the hike. We did fairly well although a hike along a river with a toddler water junkie was rough in a few places. We stopped to throw rocks in the river and Eli kept insisting, “SHOES OFF!” so he could go in, even after he felt how cold the water was. All he wanted to do was go in the water, I kind of felt sorry for him. What a little fish we have. We saw on the gym schedule that weekend days are family swim days so I will probably take him soon and then sign up for lessons for him. This kid needs to be in the water!

I went to the gym yesterday and did 30 mins on the elliptical and 10 on the treadmill. I was able to run a half a mile at a very slow pace. My ankle was mildly twingy but felt mostly great during it. Although it felt so good to run I think I could have gone a while, I made myself get off after 10 minutes. I’m not going to run again for a week or two and I think I will restart the Couch to 5K when I do. I don’t need it for the ability to run so much as to give my ankles a chance to get used to impact at a slow pace. I’ve found several instances of PTs recommending this to people recovering from injury as a way to put running back in and it makes sense. After the hike today (which was a lot more hilly and rocky than I expected) my ankles were a bit twingy again but advil seems to have solved that. I’m quite nervous about overdoing it and ending up with stress fractures or prolonging the recovery process. It just felt good to run again.

Will’s enjoying his first week of school. He’s had his computer back for several weeks now and he says he is doing all of his homework. I hope this is true since we really don’t see much of him–he is up there ALL THE TIME on the computer. I think Andy is giving him a chance to show he can handle the responsibility of it but with how often Will comes downstairs (twice today and it’s 9 PM) it’s not looking so good.


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